That looks like a Home Depot

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That looks like a Home Depot

Definitely a Home Depot shelf

Everything I’m reading is this required an N95 rated respirator, at minimum.

Bought p100

Awesome… :wink:

“CNN” numbers. Lol.

Yep. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Thank you. But in my hospital the patient is on a ventilator dying. (He could already be dead. Idk)

and he’s not on isolation.

Hospital politics are involved too. No one wants to be known as having the Coronavirus at their hospital. They’re going to lose business

I did not get a definitive date of the visit here, but it was over two weeks ago and the patient came in after having had just arrived from China and that they were worried about possibly having been exposed.

To my knowledge they have not been seen @ our healthcare system since being released. Your scenario is terrifying, though and the politics statement is 100% accurate

I have yet to find anyone else in the admin side who has any concerns related to an outbreak of this virus here. In fact I have voiced concerns only to be rebuffed with “facts” related to how much more dangerous the common cold has been this season.

That’s why something like this is dangerous, because the hospital administration will be in denial until it’s too late.

That’s probably the same thing that China’s hospital administration was saying to Dr. Lei Wenliang.

What did they tell you in regards to using a N95 face mask in the hospital, if we have an outbreak. As an administrator???

He disappeared

Lol @indigojake did you teach him this

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Same. I was rebuffed hard this weekend by a friend’s wife who is an optometrist. They scolded me for not getting a flu shot, teased me about my concerns over the Coronavirus, and spoke with such authority about their “facts.” It took everything in me not to shout: “but you’re a freaking optometrist!”

Lol good let them find out the hard way