That is some freaky stuff right there. Is there anything else written in there about it or is that it

⤺ reposted by @0x14pfk3 from On the 13th, some netizens broke the news: Chen Beiyang, a retired deputy director of the Judicial Department of Hubei Province, had a family of three infected with the new crown virus pneumonia.

That is some freaky stuff right there. Is there anything else written in there about it or is that it

我仔细看了这个病例,这应该是武汉隔离病房的恐怖之处。 隔离病房是治病救人的地方,共产党却把病人关起来等死,患者割腕应该是很痛苦,她的年纪不大,病症只有发高烧,没有呼吸困难,如果有人给她退烧药,她大概率可以 活下来,我家里人最多有发烧39度18天的,都挺过来了,心碎,这是谋杀。

桂榕母亲看情况只是疲惫,如果是武汉肺炎引起的呼吸困难,应该有剧烈的咳嗽,患者女儿没有提咳嗽,如果是肺炎引起的呼吸困难,患者也应该没有力气割腕,我看到的只有 饥饿,疲惫,没有水喝,连几块钱的退烧药都没有。


I took a closer look at this case, this should be the horror of the Wuhan Isolation Ward. The isolation ward is a place where the sick can be saved, but the Communist Party shuts down the patient and waits for death. The patient should be very painful in cutting her wrist. Her age is low, her fever is high, and her breathing is not difficult. If someone gives her antipyretics, she has a high probability Surviving, my family has a fever of 39 degrees and 18 days at most, they all survived, heartbreak, this is murder.

Gui Rong’s mother was just exhausted. If it was breathing difficulties caused by pneumonia in Wuhan, there should be a severe cough. The patient’s daughter did not raise the cough. If it was caused by pneumonia, the patients should not have the strength to cut the wrist. All I saw was Hungry, tired, without water, not even a few bucks for antipyretics.

Antipyretics are not allowed!

#中共國 #疫情 湖北省武漢有51家火葬場不夠用,24小時滿負荷運作的焚屍爐不夠用,超過17萬的醫護人員不夠用,口罩防護服不夠用,近10萬張床位不夠用,蔬菜水果凍品不夠用,一次性裝屍袋不夠用……然後,黨媒體告訴我們只死了1359人?你信嗎?# 中共 国 # Epidemic situation There are 51 crematoriums in Wuhan, Hubei Province, which are not enough, 24 hours of full-time operation of the incinerator is not enough, more than 170,000 medical staff are not enough, mask protective clothing is not enough, and nearly 100,000 beds are not enough , Fruit jelly is not enough, one-off body bags are not enough … Then, the party media told us that only 1,359 people died? Do you believe it?

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