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I am karen


Here’s an official WHO study

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This is the response I’m getting: this isn’t even a factually based chart.

As best I can tell, it reflects all of the available information in the public domain. What it does not reflect, is that the actual situation in China could be MUCH worse than what is being reported.

Who’s saying that? Would be trivial to create a website listing sources for those facts and writing it on a new version of the graphic

Btw I think we should call people who spread the flu meme “floomers”

As in “ok floomer”

I’m on all these mommy groups and they are still in denial

This is for you Aries

I went to the website at the bottom of the graphic. Tons of sources. Just tell them to visit the link and scroll down. Here:

Worry for yourself people in New York are to arrogant and Ignorant… They will see you prepared and laugh but when that first person drops they will be running to you for support but by then it will be to late.

Rem there are only 850 people in this chat of billions of people we are the lucky few.


I documented my daily procedures a little bit hope this is useful to someone.

Feel free to let me know what to improve.

Ive been appreciating it since day one. I don’t know any of y’all really but I’ve been mind blown at yalls resources, skills and feedback.
Major Thank you

Hallelujah. I am thankful as well.