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Thanks for it

hi everyone. if these texts with the CDC official saying there were +1000 cases in 32 US states in early February are confirmed with the kid who posted it, can we get this out to the public? if possible, contacting them again and getting evidence this is real and sending it to journalists all around the world, in case american mainstream media wont publish it. this could be a bombshell that will expose the CDCs unethical lies and put some sense into people so that the necessary actions of closing schools etc can be done immediately and prevent unnecessary infections and deaths.


@RumBlockchain talked to him directly around February 15th

I got a 15kg bag :cat2: for my cat and a stray that thinks he lives here… It’s as if they know the bag is here… Eating for gold :joy:

We should email the CDC

Here was earlier picture from Iran as I remember that some gov official was in hospital room with corona confirmed without any protections

Just to clarify, I have left my South African corona chat group, too many racial issues. Not leaving this group :hugs:

More power to you sista

Matrix is the backend for riot.

I’m already on riot . It’s pretty good

I think more people know about telegram tho

This is where most people are. I think being here is good. As a fallback (because we are talking about censorship resistance) only. Aries makes the call.

Can we use end to end encryption to protect this chat site??

Would be difficult

One :point_up:t2: the Chinese are on telegram

Two it was already a learning curve for many of you newbies who joined telegram for this channel and these videos

Three telegram is where the action/content is

After this scream from WHO, the Russians formed military sanitary and epidemiological groups to isolate seriously ill patients, and in Moscow they introduced a “high-alert mode”

Didnt know! Great find.

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