Thanks! And have you noticed if they downgrade the magnitude of the events afterwards?


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Thanks! And have you noticed if they downgrade the magnitude of the events afterwards?

Just curious

yes , this is normal they review and then modify results

I know but… have you wondered why they always downgrade the results? I mean , if they are doing media it is statistically impossible for the earthquakes to be always downgraded

By media I mean average

I’ve been checking out earthquakes regularly since 2017 and they always downgrade the magnitude, never upgrade

I find it fishy

First you would have to have 3 or 4 seismographs on a certain area to verify results and then publish
a person reading for the purpose of a post on an app or website has little time to double verify results
so they make a best guess on the number they see and round up, then several hours after the quake go back and adjust.

Yes the media has a way of altering results and its not only in relation to earthquakes.

the 1994 earthquake at Northridge California for example was originally 6.9 but later downgraded to 6.7

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