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⤺ reposted by @themike27 from Top U.S. General in Korea says military personnel who attended the church are on mandatory self-quarantine.

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Certain Ebola strains have 90% death rate

Spanish flu was H1N1

Well what if they got there nano particles threw in some swine and Avian flu and a bit of Ebola mixed it together and creates this shit everyone is dying from just a theory

And little bit of HIV

Whatever the mix is

is not important

remaining calm

and preparing

Definitely prepare

is how you will


And stay calm stress causes your body to shut down and more vulnerable

for Hospital this footage

#中共國 華夏大地哀鴻遍野,許多人就像親人的眼淚一樣滑落大地,悄無聲息地消失在人間,連數字都不是… # 中共 国 The Huaxia land is full of sorrow, and many people slide down the earth like tears of their loved ones, disappearing silently in the world, not even the numbers …

Is the death of Liu Zhiming, director of the Wuchang hospital in Wuhan

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mark 2 end

Riddle: Zinke :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:
Aries - is 5 an illegal number?

So what happen in Iran today

:point_up_2: not confirmed in official media. But if it is true, is very quick spread in Iran.

Quarantine Art

Quarantine Coke

封城第二十七天 有人敲门留下通知 小区里碰到两熟人 买到防风镜

:alarm_clock: Tuesday, February 18, On the 27th day of closing the city, someone knocked on the door and left a notice. I met two acquaintances in the community and bought windshields.

:alarm_clock: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 12:33 PM 2020 12:33 PM

:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:Good Youtube Series on a man who is living under Quarintine with his family in WuHan



【百姓民生】上海禁止群租房,間壁被搗毀。一刀切政策讓外地打工仔、打工妹,陷入困境。| 大紀元新聞 [People’s Livelihood] Shanghai forbids group renting, and its walls are destroyed. The one-size-fits-all policy puts migrant workers and migrant workers in trouble in the field. | Epoch Times

:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 20, 2020 2:04 AM

Playing cards without wearing a mask at home was caught, and the streets showed the public! !! !! Than the Cultural Revolution
:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 20, 2020 2:04 AM

:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 20, 2020 7:53 AM

Socialist iron fist
:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 20, 2020 7:53 AM


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It has been two weeks since the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection visited Wuhan to investigate Li Wenliang’s incident, and there is no news yet. Wuhan Public Security Bureau, which immediately suppressed the warning of eight doctors, did not apologize. Today, the Minister of Public Security of China has pretended to put forward “excessive enforcement and rude enforcement are strictly prohibited.” You have to tell the Minister of Legal Blindness: Excessive law enforcement and rough law enforcement are illegal! It’s not law enforcement at all!


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The black sleeves in Chinese historical tradition are a kind of mourning for the deceased’s blood relatives. Red is a festive expression in Chinese tradition, and red sleeves are a symbol of modern political movement. Faced with the epidemic of so many innocent people, the red armbands everywhere are actually a cruel metaphor.


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I would like to ask, the family who played mahjong was slammed and slapped, the family of four who was playing poker was instructed and read the review book, and those who did not know the reason were beaten by the street and beaten without masks (the elderly). Who hit the vegetable stalls and beat the dogs on the street, who are the law enforcement officers in these incidents? What is it? What are the relevant laws and regulations based on law enforcement? Or what emergency plan? What kind of enforcement power are they given?


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The media inside the wall began to focus on one direction is to catch other countries to deal with the unfavorable news of 2019nCov. After all, the news giant Global Times loves to watch such things, and the more it sees, the happier it becomes. There is still a bit of a tangle in Japan now, and it will be crazy when the United States loses control.



#天朝浮世绘 美国务院昨天把5家中共党媒列为“外国使团”。这5家党媒是: 1 新华社 2 CGTN中国环球电视网 3 中国国际广播电台 4 中国日报 5《人民日报》海外版。要求他们必须提供和申报在美工作日程,出访地点以及在美拥有的私人财产。北京对此表示反对。今天中共的报复:中共驱逐3名华尔街日报记者并吊销该他们的记者证!原因是《华尔街日报》“东亚病夫”事件。耿爽说:中共不欢迎媒体发表种族歧视言论和用谎言恶意抹黑中国。//胡佳:人民日报、新华社等根本不是媒体,它们是姓习的中共宣传喉舌。其驻美和其他海外分支中有很多以记者名义活动的间谍,渗透搜集经济、政治、科技和军事情报。为什么只是这五家中共机构被定为“外国使团”。所有中国大陆境内的官方报刊、电视台、通讯社、广播电台,只要是其驻美分支,都应定性为“外国使团”。# 天朝 浮世绘 The US State Department listed 5 Chinese Communist Party media as “foreign missions” yesterday. The five party media are: 1 Xinhua News Agency 2 CGTN China Global Television Network 3 China Radio International 4 China Daily 5 Overseas edition of People’s Daily. They are required to provide and declare work schedules, places to visit, and private property in the United States. Beijing is opposed to this. CCP ’s revenge today: CCP expelled 3 Wall Street Journal reporters and revoked their press card! The reason was the “East Asian Sick Man” incident in the Wall Street Journal. Geng Shuang said: The CCP does not welcome racist statements by the media and maliciously discredit China with lies. // Hu Jia: People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency are not media at all, they are the propaganda mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China with the surname of Xi. Many of its spies operating in the name of reporters in the United States and other overseas branches penetrate economic, political, scientific, and military intelligence. Why are these five Chinese Communist institutions designated as “foreign missions”? All official newspapers, television stations, news agencies, and radio stations in mainland China should be classified as “foreign missions” as long as they are branches in the United States.

中共國 被訓誡的醫生,又走了一位… # 中共 国 The doctor who was instructed left another …

中共國 2020年2月20日凌晨,浙江寧波北侖戚家山街道恆逸物流公司一倉庫發生火災 In the early morning of February 20, 2020, a fire broke out in a warehouse of Hengyi Logistics Company, Qijiashan Street, Beilun, Ningbo, Zhejiang.

別˙看今天鬧的歡 日後都得火葬場 Don’t look at the fun today, you will have to be a crematorium in the future

#資訊 【澳門15日無新增個案】


不少賭客急不及待,等待賭場重開,入場前先要測量體溫,亦要戴口罩和填寫健康聲明 # 信息 【No new cases in Macau on the 15th】
[Some casinos reopened]

In response to the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, the Macau government has closed all casinos since February 5. During the 15-day casino shutdown, there have been no new cases in Macau. Some casinos reopened on the early morning of Thursday (20th), involving 29 casinos. A total of 1800 tables, accounting for 30% of the total

Many gamblers can’t wait to wait for the casino to reopen. Before entering the venue, take a temperature measurement, wear a mask and fill out a health statement.

#中共國 大爺:就出去買個菜,憑什麼扣我?

中共 国 大爷 : Just go out and buy a dish, why deduct me?

Red armband: You gather.
Grandpa: Don’t you gather together?
Red armband: No! We are at your service.
Uncle: I don’t want your service, your service is not useful.


I think it was the Wall Street journal.

It was in the Wall Street Journal… And the numbers were higher than I remembered so I misquoted.

5400 people have been asked to self-quarantine in California as of February 14th who have recently visited Mainland China. This does not included the mandatory quarantines in place of people brought back to the US recently.

Hundreds more are self-quarantining in Georgia, Washington state, Illinois, New York and other states.

这种事发生在美国叫抢劫。发生在中国叫执法。:angry::angry::angry::angry: This happened in the United States called robbery. What happened in China is called law enforcement. :angry::angry::angry::angry:

新加坡也抢粮食了。:flushed::flushed: Singapore is also grabbing food. :flushed::flushed:

贵州捐给鄂州的蔬菜烂在了仓库。:rage::rage::rage: The vegetables donated by Guizhou to Ezhou were rotten in the warehouse. :rage::rage::rage:

#中共國 調撥6千億人民幣防疫
斷網無法使用 支付寶,必須用 鈔票
斷網目的:害怕民眾上傳 疫情 視頻。# 中国 国 国 Allocate RMB 600 billion for epidemic prevention
Suspected to prepare for network disconnection.
Cannot use Alipay when disconnected from the network, you must use bank notes
The purpose of disconnection: fear of people uploading epidemic video.

They are going to disconnect the country

换了普通人家,这女的早就被打死了吧?Changed to ordinary people, this woman has been killed long ago, right?

I am following this rumor since a week ago. If they cut internet, we have a clear signal about the real situation, cause they silence 1.4 billion people

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Do you know what the temperature is over there?

⤻ reposted @DiesIrae to Dr. Alavi works at the Kamkar hospital in Qom and reports that over 20 patients have died from clinically diagnosed cases of #COVID19 at his hospital.