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Pope John Paul II’s blood relic stolen from the Italian cathedral. ROME (Reuters) - A box of gold and crystal containing drops of Pope John Paul II’s blood was stolen from the cathedral in the Italian city of Spoleto, his bishop said on Thursday.

The wrapper, known as a reliquary, was removed on Wednesday from an altar dedicated to the Polish pope, who died in 2005 after a 27-year reign.

A sacristan who closed the cathedral at night discovered the theft of the reliquary, which contained a vial with a few drops of blood.

The relics, which Catholics worship when praying to the saint, are usually pieces of a saint’s body or clothing.

The relic was temporarily in the cathedral of Spoleto and was due to be transferred next month to a new church in the Umbria region with the name of the late pope.https: //

A woman found a thumb drive containing a document that outlines the procurement and sale of adrenochrome. Children are being detained at facilities and harvested. The document contains information which tracks the name, birth date, and blood type of the child, where the child is being detained, the quality level of the adrenochrome harvested from each child, the child’s “inmate number,” the number of months the child has been imprisoned, whether or not the child has attempted to commit suicide, and the “expiration date” of the child - the date at which they will murder and dispose of the child.

The second document is a list of children who were killed and “disposed of.”

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Glimpse into the Red World :earth_americas:

Glimpse into the Red World :earth_americas:

In the bottom of the first document, there are requisition forms which outline which companies were accepting product from Cym, how much they were paying which is determined by quality of the product, and the dates.

What I am doing here is looking into the purchasing companies. We want to see who they are and where their funding comes from.

Follow the money and see who is buying industrial quantities of adrenochrome harvested from children who are then “disposed of” as if they are medical waste.

Keep digging. There are many requisition forms at the end of document 1.