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#Readers’ contribution Iran this time … and the best to bring a passport to Vietnam … Vietnam outbreak only waits for hospital confirmation

#中共國 北京失控中

中共 国 Beijing is out of control

#中共國 江西省宜春羅氏金行「民間融資機構」破產跑路,老百姓冒著瘟疫,到政府門口上訪!


中共 国 Jiangxi Province’s Yichun Roche Gold Bank’s “private financing institution” went bankrupt, and ordinary people braved the plague and appealed to the government!

Chinese government buildings at all levels are always brilliant, and taxpayers who have suffered double blows are blocked at the door by no means! #Bankruptcy

:arrow_up:Bank Run, that can’t be good

#大纪元:廣西南寧市萬象城,剛剛發現一疑似冠狀病毒個案,商場立即清場消毒。從此跡相顯示,病毒感染沒有減弱,反而可能更加兇猛。國外專家預測三月才是正式大規模爆發期,望所有人不要掉以輕心。 |(2020-02-21 04:07:58)

大纪元: Vientiane City, Nanning, Guangxi, China. A suspected coronavirus case has just been discovered, and the mall is immediately cleared for disinfection. From this point of view, the virus infection has not weakened, but may be more fierce. Foreign experts predict that March will be the official large-scale outbreak period, and I hope everyone will not take it lightly. | (2020-02-21 04:07:58)

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In March all bets are off

You have 9 days to prepare

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Anybody from Central Europe?

I’m from Europe, but Spain

For now Spain is ok, right?

Well, officially yes. No new cases. But i think that many people could have it and think that is just flu (at saree in flu peak now)

中共國 是什麼樣的絕望


中共 国 What kind of despair

Made her choose to commit suicide

Not afraid of death alone
But did not choose to fight

中共國 這次疫情逼瘋不少人,今天早上重慶這一老頭要出門看外孫。出不去選擇跳樓,氣墊剛鋪好還沒打氣。

The CCP has driven many people crazy this morning. This old man in Chongqing is going out to see his grandson. Can’t go to choose to jump off the building, the air cushion has just been laid and has not been pumped up.

Ignore the last translation it obviously a Suicide

Now +3 Italy… they started test people in contact with the first :fearful:

I think the same


night Aries

Im from Germany

Do you have a source?

How many cases in Germany ?

All the news paper… wait you can use the translator

16 cases and 13 already "recovered "

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