thank you this intel is gold!

thank you this intel is gold!
here is something i am doing for a while now
all of anthony william‘s books are about detoxing and getting the shit out of your body:

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Whatever action you can take to keep your body clear of toxins, your health will not only improve greatly, but if you’re ever exposed to something, if your toxic load was already low, you’ll have a better chance at fighting off whatever you’ve been exposed to without additional harm - and knowing ahead of time and how it feels when you’re exposed or chelating keeps you ahead of the game.

You can identify what is likely wrong and you know what to expect from the healing process.

I highly recommend looking into the work of Andrew Hall Cutler for this.

He was a chemical engineer so it can be dense reading - if the person who needs the data is already under a toxic load, help them figure it out because their cognitive function might be affected.

It will be that much harder for them to understand the material, so if they’re getting frustrated, this is likely why. Help them do it.

thank you :pray:t2:

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