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This looks like it could have come from an excerpt of extreme couponing. :blush:

This is the awesome stuff we like to see

i crunched the humbers

doubled 2 days from jan 22 on

then slowed down after

look at my numbers

Man, you guys are like good Mormons!

Well stocked emergency stores!

lol we have a ton of Mormons right Dana B

It can be very economical to buy bulk and live out of such a well stocked pantry

Living off of your emergency supplies while restocking also helps to keep the items fresh for when they’re actually needed. A double whammy.

#中共国瘟疫期间,有位老人很绝望要跳楼自杀,在千钧一发时刻,被好人救了!:pray::pray: # During the plague of the Chinese Communist Party, an old man was desperate to jump off the building and commit suicide, and was rescued by a good man at the moment of death! :pray::pray:

Wow :flushed:

This footage is intense

They prevent her from committing suicide

Why is this not being reported

We don’t know her story

We don’t know if the virus has taken her loved ones and that it’s driven her to go over the bridge.

^^^ there are 24 countries that have over 500 cases?

Does that mean 500 cases for the whole 24 countries? Or 500 cases for each of the 24 countries?

The former.

The public numbers

Do not matter

They can be challenged

China has suppressed the real numbers

And so has America

One can make the argument that

Every nation is playing it close to the chest

To prevent a panic

6 cases in Buffalo NY should be announced in the morning if information is accurate

I hope so

Do hk make a lot of mistakes?

my estimates for china. 15 millon infections, 400K deaths. assumes 1.1% infection rate at 2.75% mortality rate

however 2009 h1n1 infected 10 to 20 percent of the world population

so you can just multiply my numbers by 10x to 20x and then you get worst case

up to 300 million infections, and 8 million deaths

so how do you like dem apples?

Not good not good