Thank you deleting it and telling the other sites

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Thank you deleting it and telling the other sites

Thanks Eric, I’m not journalist just an organizer

Thanks for looking out

Look, that’s why we strong, we always admit our mistakes

:us: University of Washington Dept. Of Pathology: We are deeply saddened that faculty member Professor Stephen Schwartz passed away due to a COVID-19 infection.

He has left a lasting imprint on our department, our university, and the broader scientific community and will be greatly missed.

Anytime. At times like this, too much happening fast. But that’s what we’re here for. Looking out for one another.

I appreciate a little fake news sprinkled in. It keeps people in their toes and fact checking (as much as possible).

:earth_americas: 全世界有将近10亿儿童关闭了学校。

:earth_americas: Почти миллиард детей во всем мире увидели закрытие своих школ.

:earth_americas: Almost a billion children worldwide have seen their schools close.

@hilary17 kids right now :arrow_up:

:uk: BREAKING: Up to 20,000 British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force personnel will be put on standby to help combat the coronavirus, with troops gearing up to drive oxygen tankers, support the police and boost hospital capacity.

Reservists will on Thursday be put on notice to mobilise if required as part of a war-like effort to prepare the armed forces in case the government calls upon them in large numbers.

In addition, all holiday leave has been cancelled for troops deployed on operations overseas, while training exercises in Canada and Kenya have been postponed.

This lady’s neighbors didn’t forget her 80th birthday, with their community-organized gesture bringing her to tears

#quarantine #Spain

hey if you guys know any doctors who would like to join a verified doctor chat related to covid19 please let me know, just dm me. if there is an admin that can help out by pinning this message that would be great.

A supermarket chain in Australia opened its doors an hour early, so that its elderly and disabled customers can shop comfortably without the panic-buying frenzies.

Talk to Dr. Bess Dr.Bess

ok i will reach out thanks

Also Dr. @edlyy and Dr. @DrGrasshopper

Using the brilliant and agile hexayurt design, created as an open source project by Vinay Gupta, the guy who was the launch coordinator for Etherium, among other accomplishments

amazing i will reach out

:israel: El Al flight is headed right now to Lima, Peru to retrieve around 1000 Israelis due to Coronavirus.

I’m from Lombardy