Technically still in the safe zone but have never seen It this high

Technically still in the safe zone but have never seen It this high

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When will it peak

This is essentially Holy war fuel :fuelpump: :fire: continuously telling people that the country is overflowing with evil racists, and that you must join the fight against this enemy.

Instead of considering their drivers employees do they have to adhere to minimum wage laws or providing health insurance.

Stay hydrated

I checked it out like two hours ago and it marked cero!
I’m not too sure but I think high Kp could announce big earthquakes

Back to the Russian Submarines

Project 885M Yasen-M multipurpose nuclear submarines Voronezh and Vladivostok, laid down in July at Sevmash, will become the first carriers of the fundamentally new Kalibr-M cruise missiles with a flight range of over 4000 km. This was announced on Friday, August 28, by a source in the military-industrial complex on the sidelines of the Army-2020 exhibition to TASS.

The source noted that the new “Caliber-M” will be able to deliver either a conventional high-explosive fragmentation warhead or a nuclear one.

Project 885M submarines are equipped with the 3S14 universal shipborne firing system (USFS), which allows the entire family of Onyx and Caliber anti-ship missiles to be used. It is assumed that the USFS will also be adapted to launch the promising Zircon hypersonic missiles, the tests of which began this year.ФорумАрмия170/

This is a frankly a show of strength.

thwaps submarine on table

Memers are making deepfakes, and things are getting weird

The sex offender registry deleted the file on Joseph Rosenbaum - but here is the archive of their site:

Man 2020s are going to be nuts :peanuts: with deepfakes

And as I said before

It will be part of a kidnappers and hackers toolkit. This decade

I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum!

They Live (1988)

A drifter arrives in Los Angeles seeking work, only to discover the city’s population is being dominated by aliens who control their victims through subliminal advertising.

John Carpenter’s satirical sci-fi adventure, starring Roddy Piper, Keith David and Meg Foster

Friday Night movie :popcorn:

Comrade General did some excellent reports on what’s going on in the Arctic :cold_face:

Take a look

:exclamation:What’s happening in the Arctic

:one: Russian submarine ‘Omsk’ surfaced off the coast of Alaska
Omsk is a Project 949A ‘Antey’ class cruise missile submarine, more commonly known by its NATO reporting name, Oscar-II class. It is primarily armed with 24 P-700 ‘Granite’ (NATO designation SS-N-19 Shipwreck) anti-ship missiles. These have a range of nearly 400 miles and can travel at supersonic speeds. Their 1,653 lb warhead is much larger than on regular anti-ship missiles like the Harpoon and Exocet. It can also carry a 500 kiloton nuclear warhead.
Before surfacing as part of the Ocean Shield-2020 military exercise, Omsk attacked a target in the Bering Sea with Granit anti-ship missile

:two: On the eve of one of the U.S. Navy’s most powerful attack submarines - Seawolf - suddenly surfaced near Tromsø in northern Norway
This is U.S. Navy’s most advanced attack submarine, very expensive (worth $ 3 billion), only three of them in service with the U.S.
USS Seawolf is deployed to the U.S. 6th Fleet which is in charge of American naval operations in Europe and Africa, based at Bangor naval base on the west coast of the United States and normally sails the Pacific.
Submarine is armed with eight torpedo tubes and can hold up to 50 weapons in its torpedo room, including the Tomahawk cruise missile.

:three: Judging by satellite images, a large vessel appeared yesterday off the coast of Norway, closely matching the appearance of a Russian Typhoon Class submarine.

Since there is only one Typhoon in Russia’s service - TK-208 Dmitriy Donskoy, - analysts assumed it was him.
Dmitry Donskoy is armed with RSM-56 Bulava missile that replaced the R-39M project, with a range of around 5,000 miles

:four: Defense analyst Frank Bottema has also identified a Kilo Class submarine involved in military exercises with group of Russian Navy warships about 66 miles west of St. Lawrence Island.

:five: However, this is only a small fraction of approximately 50 warships and submarines that have been taking part in the live-fire exercises the Bering Sea.

:six: At the same time, the RIMPAC 2020 exercise taking place in the Pacific under the leadership of U.S. Navy
“Originally, RIMPAC 2020 had planned to include up to 30 countries, more than 50 ships and submarines, more than 200 aircraft, and 25,000 personnel," Navy Vice Adm. Scott Conn, head of U.S. 3rd Fleet, said. “We have scaled that down to 10 nations, 22 ships, one submarine, and approximately 5,300 personnel.”

:seven: Six US Air Force B-52 Stratofortress bombers flew from US to UK to fly over each of the 30 NATO members on 28 August.
This gesture (mission called “Allied Sky”) should signal the unity of the alliance, the European Command said in statement.
Aircraft of 20 alliance members provided air refueling and other support throughout the day

:exclamation:Vladimir Batyuk, Chief Researcher, Head of the Center for Political-Military Studies at the Institute for US and Canada of Russian Academy of Sciences, partially explained what was happening:
“At present, Russia claims that Northern Sea Route can correspond to the Russian maritime strategy and should be under Russian control.
The Americans totally against it. They believe that this should be an international sea route under international control"
The security interests of the leading powers also collide here: shortest routes of flight of intercontinental ballistic missiles between Russia and US run through the Arctic.

:exclamation:Now at sea:
:ru::latvia: Russian research vessel Yantar is off the coast of Latvia, heading towards Baltiysk (Kaliningrad).

Yantar is a special reconnaissance ship built for the Russian Navy. The vessel has been operated by the Navy’s Main Directorate for Underwater Research (GUGI) since 2015 and is reportedly a spy ship. Ship’s home port is Severomorsk, where it’s part of the Northern Fleet.

:exclamation:Сейчас в море:
:ru::latvia: Российское исследовательское судно «Янтарь» находится у берегов Латвии, направляясь в сторону Балтийска (Калининград).

«Янтарь»- это специальный разведывательный корабль, построенный для ВМФ России. Судно эксплуатируется Главным управлением подводных исследований ВМФ (ГУГИ) с 2015 года и, как сообщается, является шпионским кораблем. Порт приписки судна - Североморск, где оно входит в состав Северного флота.

:eight: Active mutual interceptions of aircraft continue
:us::ru:NORAD said that F-22 fighters, supported by KC-135 refuellers, intercepted three groups of two Russian Tu-142 patrol aircraft that entered the air defense zone of Alaska

🇷 F-16 fighters of the Turkish Air Force were raised to intercept 6 F-16 fighters of the Greek Air Force, taken off from Crete in the direction of South Cyprus
:jp::ru: Japanese Air Force intercepted in the Sea of Japan two Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft of Russian Aerospace Forces, which took off from Nikolaevka airbase
— US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft RC-135W Rivet Joint and P-8A Poseidon spotted off the Black Sea coast;
— at the same time, strategic bomber B-52H Stratofortress was operating in the Crimea region
— Refueling was carried out by Turkish KC-135, which circled over its territory
— Surveillance conducted by Bombardier Sentinel R1 RAF
:ru::us: Russian Su-27 fighters flew to escort the US Air Force B-52H Stratofortress strategic bomber over the Black Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry reported
:latvia::ru: Ministry of Defense of Latvia announced the appearance of two long-range anti-submarine Tu-142 aircraft of the Russian Navy, accompanied by a pair of Su-27 fighters, over the waters of the Baltic Sea, near the Latvian borders

:greece::fr::tr:According to Greek media reports, the Turkish air defense systems did not have time to track the passage of 10 F-16 fighters of the Greek Air Force, which at low altitude entered the area of the Eunomia exercises near Cyprus and connected with two Greek F-16s and two Dassault Rafale fighters of the French Air Force.
Turkey nevertheless raised its F-16s to intercept, but it was too late

:greece::fr::tr:По сообщениям греческих СМИ, средства ПВО Турции не успели вовремя отследить проход 10 истребителей F-16 ВВС Греции, которые на малой высоте вышли в район проведения учений Eunomia близ Кипра и соединились ещё с двумя греческими F-16 и двумя истребителями Dassault Rafale ВВС Франции.
Турция всё-таки подняла свои F-16 на перехват, но было уже поздно

biggest take away is “At present, Russia claims that Northern Sea Route can correspond to the Russian maritime strategy and should be under Russian control.

:exclamation:Why is this happening :arrow_up:

It was not by chance that exactly submarine Omsk are surfaced off the coast of Arctic
It was in Omsk that the plane with poisoned Navalny landed …

  1. On August 25, according to Russian Foreign Ministry, Bigan said that “if the version of Navalny’s poisoning as an oppositionist is confirmed, Washington will take measures against which the reaction of American society to Russian interference in the US presidential elections in 2016 will fade.”
  2. On August 27, the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce blacklisted Russian research institutes associated with the program for the development and testing of chemical and biological weapons
  3. After that, on the same day, Putin openly stated that Russia had formed military reserve for invasion of Belarus (with all the ensuing consequences)
    “Alexander Grigorievich asked me to form a certain reserve of law enforcement officers. And I did it"
    Of course, this statement was intended for the West, not Belarus.
  4. Navalny’s most recent pre-poisoning investigation focused on the link between Putin’s ‘vaccine’ against Covid-19, created by Gamaleya Institute in conjunction with the laboratory that created Novichok. Navalny’s YouTube video “Doctor Putin’s Vaccine” was released on August 18
    On August 20 Navalny was poisoned

— Putin wants to be first in the world in creating a vaccine - whatever it’s
— Putin is outraged that the West and the United States prohibit him from killing those and where he considers necessary (for this purpose, a special unit of murderers “part 29155” is used for this purpose, whose killers operate in the West under diplomatic cover)
— Putin believes the Arctic is Russia’s property
— Overall: Putin cannot get Western leaders to respect him, so he wants to be feared.
Like any dictator, he considers fear to be the main driving force on the planet. But at the same time, he is very afraid himself! Because the loss of power for him is tantamount to the loss of life

I now fully understand why Navy Seals are undergoing Arctic and Mountain Warfare training.

without war, Putin will not stay in power
And maybe Trump’s head will fly too…
At the moment, they both benefit from war
With the difference that Putin has some advantage

Compare - more than 50 ships and submarines of Russia are now participating in the exercises - and only 22 ships from all NATO countries

NATO and America are outgunned in the Arctic for the time being.



Shoutout to Army Mountain Warfare School in Jericho Vermeont :slight_smile:

spent many weeks training in Jericho

actually years

brrrrr :cold_face:

Fun Fact: US Olympic Biathlon Team also trains at Fort Ethan Allen/Army Mountain Warfare School.

stay off the roads and let them train.

Google Laura Silsby

California last week,

Let’s talk about Bars in NYC.

Small business are being slaughter

It’s a Big bureaucracy feast

This is how you start riots
of people screaming
drain the swamp
even in the cities that were most against it

Although I’m no longer in NYC I feel for my friends. Bars are all dead not some all of them
all the bars and clubs

all dead

Total massacre

state govt is stronger than ever

eliminate all small businesses, what is left?

scare away all businesses

suddenly only jobs left are govt jobs!

more people in govt jobs -> more money to govt, because that’s how govt spending works

it’s an intentional small business massacre, going exactly as intended.

All intentionally setup to be impossible to comply with. Cannot wear mask while eating
And eating is required.

Lots of others already cleared out, bankrupt
It was an Intentional massacre. Done by the State.

My fav nightclub in NYC recently was shutdown

Straw that broke the camel’s back

Why even bother going back to the East Coast

pedophiles control the media

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The economic breakaway civilization


Check it all out, what was just posted

Taking a break


The ascended tip of the pyramid on the back of your dollar bill moves ever so further from the base…

Neuralink Progress Update, Summer 2020

:arrow_up: Before you watch it, this is old technology developed at John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, just rebranded for the masses.

Practically a hand me down

Just like iPhones are table scraps