Take notice, even China’s mainland populations knows the truth.

Take notice, even China’s mainland populations knows the truth.


The mysterious conspiracy behind the American fire, Nikola Tesla’s dead-light weapon came out again! Alien weapons control the US election! Signs of the end come to California! Who lit the American fire?

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Tesla brought to this planet as a baby koala :koala:

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Are you all ready like red panda?!


Omg now I need to see a red panda with a gun, cuteness meet badass!

Like the raccoon from Guardians from the Galaxy. Closest comparison of what I am imagining!

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Thanks @AriesAzazel, admins, doom crews and the group here. Feeling full this evening. Off to bed dreaming of the stars. Then fresh start to print HAM materials. :pray::pray::pray:


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I don’t know what she is saying, but I sure catch her drift :eyes:

Check if Tiktok is still available

tiktok is still available

Precrime in Aus:
Victoria police could arrest people who ‘MIGHT’ breach Covid lockdown under proposed bill



Must be pacific time

Not Eastern Time

He made a deal they will stay I think

It’s so confusing lately

Who’s got their get home packs ready?

. I really like this guy’s attitude and manner. Clearly has service experience of some kind.

Do me a favor, rumor going around,

Check 30 Rock Season 3, Episode 2

Tell me if it works/play on Amazon Prime