Superior immune responses induced by intranasal immunization with recombinant adenovirus-based vaccine expressing full-length Spike protein of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus

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To remind i search match beetwen coronavirus and Adenovirus which from 2011 again are vaccinated only US troops no one else by official

From which I should start to look?

Thank you very much!

You Welcome feel free to share any if o You gather also this can be totally no match but gór feeling that something is more with this when read that only US troops are vaccacine this mean like its like mother of corona viruses etc :slight_smile:

Okay, I need some time to read them:)

中国 人民 Shenzhen fight against epidemic

Tenants in Shenzhen Ganggang Stationery Wholesale Market demand rent reductions

We’re officially the bad guys now


We’re smart… And prepared.

You know how many millionaires have bunkers that are all prepped out. Are they considered to be hoarding :woman_shrugging:t4:

Shit’s getting interesting now

What’s the invite link to this group?

you know how many people are gonna see those bunkers as a “capture the flag/treasure hunt”?

Many people will not see the bunkers… it’s a bunker for a reason its hidden.

Aris keeps telling me to chill on weapons but i know how it is her in LI… People have secret arsenals here.

Is it Long Island a bit gun toting conservative? In times like these I’d love to have my dad’s arsenal but alas it’s across the country

In the age of credit. I tend to be frugal with my expenses. However, I will not hesitate to use my credit to stay safe at home. Health over wealth.

Not for the criminals.

Hilarious. Yeah I’m pretty certain no one would build a bunker that had any visibility LOL :joy: Although he’s right, I bet people will still be trying to find the Intel on where they are