Suicides hanging from the roof again

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又出現 樓頂垂下吊死 的自殺方式



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Suicides hanging from the roof again
This method has appeared in a community in Wuhan

If you have to choose to hang yourself
Why not choose a tree
Or a convenient low-level place on the ground
This method is very difficult

Why is there such a difficult way of suicide? :pray:

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They can’t get out of their apartments. Doors welded shut.

If you look at the confirmed deaths in the US not one person under the age of 67 has passed away yet. Furthermore they have exhibited autoimmune, respiratory, or both deficiencies. In England they are literally asking for volunteers to contract the virus and paying 2 weeks rent and compensation…not because it is deadly but because designing a man made antibody which is exactly what they do for the flu shot will generate billions in revenue. It is a rapid spreading virus that could potentially infect many people and cost businesses money because of people calling out sick for a week or so exactly as the flu would do. It is not a plague…acomplished doctors even in one of the videos you have posted in the time frame of this virus have said exactly what I’m stating. If you want to make money off of it invested in foreign equities in Mexico specifically grupo modelo as their shares are down drastically over people being stupid. Honestly you’ve got more of a chance of getting sick drinking water in Mexico than you do from the Corona Virus. Stop believing all the hype you hear and look at the actual numbers amd what accomplished people in medicine are saying. I’m only restating what they have confirmed thus far.

I have this kid saying this

Ignore it

He is a danger to society


Ignore it half the population is like that

Give him a couple of weeks/months

To late for that

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I believe now only a week or so… Many people listen to that kid.

We have, in Italy, a 20% of severe cases between ages 0 to 55. This is a fact