Sucks to be in LA

Sucks to be in LA

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:belarus: #BELARUS
In Minsk, the day, as usual, ended with harsh detentions of protesters in support of Maria Kolesnikova, detained by authorities, whose whereabouts are still unknown.
And as usual, some of the security forces were without signs of departmental affiliation
However, Russian military channels claim that they are “employees of the Belarusian law enforcement agencies.”

:belarus: #БЕЛАРУСЬ
В Минске день, как обычно, закончился жесткими задержаниями участников акций протеста в поддержку задержанной властями Марии Колесниковой, чье местонахождение до сих пор неизвестно
И как обычно, часть правоохрЕнителей была без знаков ведомственной принадлежности
Однако российские военные каналы утверждают, что это “сотрудники белорусских правоохранительных органов”.

Can’t tell you much. Connect the dots. See the dates

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In regards to Los Angeles

Take Notice
:exclamation:This is the second (in September) passenger board of the Russian Aerospace Forces leaving Libya on a course to Khmeimim and then to Moscow

Means Libya will be bombed…

Russian “advisers” are being taken out of Libya
You know what will happen next

now let’s talk about the other front,

This up coming war will be fought not only in the Air, Land in Sea.

But space

This will be the first war that the White World will be aware about being fought in Space.

So technically

World War 3 / Second Star Wars

World War 2 / 1st Star Wars

let’s take a look on what’s going on in Space

Trump signs Space Policy Directive-5 on space cybersecurity | Space

China’s reusable experimental spacecraft returns to Earth after two-day mystery mission | Space


This is Huge :arrow_up::arrow_up:

Someone is fucking with Elons’ Satellites.

and by someone I mean China

Just like they kept him out of the S&P

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take a look at what’s going on. China deployed mysterious reusuable Space Craft and 24 hours later, Starlink 1734 is failing and reentering Earth’s Atmosphere.

What a coincidence

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Space X was able to save S-1734

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how are they messing with starlink?

Drama in space and the world doesn’t have a clue. Our life in a nutshell

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I mean are they doing it with something like the x37b or something space based or ground based

China has their own x37b


@Insider20 you see any pics of YUANZHENG-1

on your end

I’ve been searching and no luck

Also take into consideration

when this happened

Emergency Sessions all week at the Pentagon.

because this is not only a slap on the face to the Americans

this catch up on technology by the Chinese is similar to what the DoD felt when Russia launched Sputnik.

in the 1950s

how far along are the CCP in White World Space Programs.

This is what happens when you let the Chinese Brain Drain America in Academia :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: