Stock up on Halloween candy before some tragedy makes that difficult

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We are reaching The Onion levels here

Wildfires in Colorado now biggest state has ever seen

If peanut butter is being diverted to Halloween candy for the season, it adds to the potential for shortage.

That is not the peanut butter you should be stocking up on anyway, though.

Sugar is a poison.

The same peanuts are being used to make both.

The peanuts may have been diverted depending upon the contracts the plants and distributors have in place.

Natural peanut butter has maybe 3-4 grams of sugar per 100g. This shit is sugar by its weight.

Still need peanuts to make it regardless of how much sugar you’re adding.

I argue the amount of peanuts you need to make this chemical sludge is minimal in either case.

Not in industrial quantities.