Stanford University cancels all in-class courses for remainder of winter quarter due to coronavirus concerns

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My friend goes there, they have also developed their own test for the virus

#中共國 【疫下抗爭】深圳芛崗文具批發市場租戶要求減租
:large_blue_circle: 武漢喊假,深圳抗租!不在沈默中滅亡!軍警出洞,但也怕鬧大,不敢輕易施暴。

中共 国 【Struggle under epidemic disease】 Tenants in Shenzhen Ganggang Stationery Wholesale Market demand rent reduction

假 Wuhan shouts leave, Shenzhen resists rent! Do not perish in silence! The policemen came out of the hole, but they were also afraid of violence and would not dare to violently.

Of course!!! Damn overachievers

Aries ^

It has begun in my area… This girl I know came back from a water park in Pennsylvania few days ago now sick with flu like symptoms she told me shivering paralyzed to her bed… Another girl works at a :bank: where i got my stk tip… Has “bronchitis” coughing all over the place I heard…I seen an elderly guy non stop coughing… I’m officially going into bio level 3 hazmat.

What a shit show

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What does it say on the signs they are holding?

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It’s also flu/sick season still, so don’t assign every sick behavior to corona :slight_smile:

Is the plane crash have anything to do with corona?

Rumors right now is that this fighter plane was involved in an attempted assassination.

We don’t know who was on plane

But it’s a pretty shitty aircraft, there were a lot of accidents from this type in the past 12 months.

Assassination? Fuck… Who was the target?

Still digging

I will not take any chances! For you to say that in this chat after what you have seen an heard is preposterous. This guy I seen coughing his brains out non stop… A girl I know shivering and head pounding and throat sore paralyzed to her bed… After going to an INDOOR WATER park with a conglomerate of people… Yeah tell me again this is the flu bro

It’s not preposterous to ask for some recognition that not every disease is coronavirus. I mean, I get it, no need to hang out with her without full ppe, but don’t stigmatize every sick person as a corona carrier. My friend said she has a cold and her own bf/mother won’t even give her a hug now. It’s a bit brutal…I’m sure not going to assign coronavirus to every single person who has a slight symptom of illness. I mean just take the precautions first because either way, you don’t know yet.

It’s the rumor. There are stories about mid air collisions and such. I didn’t pay much attention. :sweat_smile:

We will never know the truth anyway. In 50 years, maybe.