Specially saved this

Specially saved this

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#國際 今天美國FBI又抓了一個中國小偷。田納西州諾克斯維爾大學航空航天和生物醫學工程系副教授Anming Hu(胡安明)今天被捕。從2016年開始,胡安明隱瞞了與中國北京工業大學的隸屬關係,參與了一項欺騙美國國家航空航天局(NASA)的計劃。最高可判他20年牢獄

国际 Today the US FBI caught another Chinese thief. Anming Hu, associate professor in the Department of Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering at Knoxville University of Tennessee, was arrested today. Starting in 2016, Hu Anming concealed his affiliation with Beijing University of Technology in China and participated in a scheme to deceive NASA. faces Up to 20 years in prison

#中共國 國家統計局:初步覈算,2019年全年國內生產總值990865億元,比上年增長6.1%。(新華社)ps:還能更假嗎?

中共 国 National Bureau of Statistics: According to preliminary calculations, the gross domestic product in 2019 will be 998.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.1% over the previous year. (Xinhua News Agency) ps: Can it be even more fake?

Just as I’ve been saying that StarLink will play a major role in our lifetime. The Chinese and CCP have been also watching Elon’s ambition grow.

據《洛杉磯時報》報道,洛杉磯市議會近日批准了一項新的許可,允許SpaceX在洛杉磯港建造星際飛船(Starship)。SpaceX之前曾關注過洛杉磯港。該公司曾在2018年表示,其有興趣在San Pedro沿途製造星際飛船,但後來決定在得克薩斯州南部製造。

現在看來,SpaceX公司的注意力轉向了南加州。此舉是在SpaceX 遇到得克薩斯州Boca Chica居民的抗議時進行的,星際飛船目前正在當地開發。

儘管文件中沒有提到星際飛船,但將在Terminal Island製造的航天器和零件太大,無法通過公路運輸,因此工廠必須靠近岸邊。SpaceX的Falcon 9和Falcon Heavy火箭是通過地面移動的,因此這一要求指向製造更大得多的星際飛船。




According to the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles City Council recently approved a new permit allowing SpaceX to build a Starship at the Port of Los Angeles. SpaceX has previously focused on the Port of Los Angeles. The company had stated in 2018 that it was interested in building an interstellar spacecraft along San Pedro, but later decided to build it in southern Texas.

It now appears that SpaceX’s attention has turned to Southern California. The move comes as SpaceX meets protests from residents of Boca Chica, Texas, where the starship is currently under development.

Although the document does not mention interstellar spacecraft, the spacecraft and parts to be manufactured on Terminal Island are too large to be transported by road, so the plant must be near the shore. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets move through the ground, so this requirement points to making much larger interstellar spacecraft.

The initial site covered by the permit includes 12 acres with an option to expand to 19 acres. The transaction will create 130 jobs. At the same time, it is reported that SpaceX plans to raise an additional $ 250 million to fund several major projects. In addition to the interstellar spacecraft, the company is also building Starlink, a next-generation satellite network designed to provide global broadband Internet services, especially in regions that are not yet connected.

SpaceX is also moving towards the goal of completing its first manned flight. After a successful flight suspension test in January, the next step in the manned dragon spacecraft program is its first crew test flight, the Demo-2. NASA reported last week that the manned spacecraft had arrived at the launch site, and the mission is currently scheduled for May 7.

SpaceX plans to raise about 250 million. This funding will bring the company's valuation to about 36 billion.

Things are going on in the shadows you just have to develop your filters/eyes as you slowly awaken to understand how the world really works

To see them

weird that they work on it in the same time

German Media really seeks to avoid panic. Interviews with cured ppl (that never showed symptoms). Ppl. buying supplies are “Preppers” and they are bad freaky right-wing extremists…

一帶一路 (The Belt and Road Initiative) this plan seems similar with virus attack.


Mongolian President gives China 30,000 sheep


#中共国 这就是回大中国的隔离:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:

中共 国 This is the isolation back to Greater China​:bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:

Israel gets ready

Very interesting point of view

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For what purpose those sheep’s?

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“Have a look. This is their so called “quarantine”. Five people in the same room. How does one quarantine? The head nurse even said ‘be careful don’t let any of them run away”

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That looks distinctly like HK protests fighting from 2019, not virus stuff.

How many weeks until it reached entirely globally?

Any predictions

Chinese deputy ambassador on Australian ABC interview. Seems that he made a fool of himself.

Ooooof. That was awkward! :man_facepalming:t2:

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