Southern Rome

Southern Rome

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This is not for a coronavirus case… now in Italy is normal… is caution! All the time they go out with ambulance they wear protection.

This is next street to my house yesterday…



Crosses fingers

Problem is most of the worlds population suffers from breathing problems due to dust and our infrastructure, many people are prone to CV more than they realize

Yea I’m not answering that

CCP is in the room

From far awaylol

Communist bastards don’t rest ruining people’s lives, there is a special place in hell for them, snitches get stitches

7. 武汉一位叫肖贤友的病人去世了。临终前,他写下两行共十一字的遗言。但是,报纸宣传时,却用了这样的标题:《歪歪扭扭七字遗书让人泪奔》。让报纸泪奔的七个字是:“我的遗体捐国家”。而实际上,肖贤友的遗书还有另外四个字:“我老婆呢?”更多的百姓为这后四字而泪奔,我说,官方喜欢上一行字,百姓喜欢下一行字;媒体爱事,百姓爱人,这其实是不同的价值取向问题。

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  1. A patient named Xiao Xianyou in Wuhan died. Before he died, he wrote two lines of eleven words. However, when the newspapers publicized it, they used such a title: “Waiting Seven-character Testament Makes Tears Run”. The seven words that made the newspaper cry: “My body is donated to the country.” In fact, Xiao Xianyou ’s last note has four other words: “What about my wife?” More people shed tears for the last four words. I said that the official likes the previous line, and the people like the next line; Things, people love people, this is actually a question of different values.

I live near Venice and I am so panic. 10 mins by bus to arrive there. My husband works there. You can’t believe how much I want to keep him safe at home with me :frowning: . I never feel so scared like now :sob::sob::sob: . Today I went to buy food, a lot of food still at supermarkets.

#中共国 渔民被打着“人民公仆”旗号的黑社会欺压,造成大规模亏损!:scream:(群友投稿)

中共 国 Fishermen are oppressed by the underworld under the banner of “Public Servant”, causing massive losses! :scream: (contributed by group friends)

For now

#读者投稿 意大利普拉托当地意大利种族主义者打砸中国酒吧

Prato, Italy, local Italian racist smashes Chinese bar


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Perhaps the CCP will withdraw the decision to expel journalists, or quietly send them back at least a few weeks later. Facing the huge crisis caused by their irrational suspicion of information, wise leaders will at least learn from their stupidity. But there may be a more terrible truth in China than a corona virus-the stupid ruler.

Well shit

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