South Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the country is entering a "new phase" with some confirmed cases not being linked to existing spreads or clusters as total hits 31.

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there seems to be an outbreak :thinking:

Unlinked cases, they can’t find the infection “story”

As far as i know, South Korea still let’s people in coming from China

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The hunt is on!!!

持冲锋枪 机枪的特种警察已经在湖北超市巡逻,标志着湖北全面食品危机 暴乱危机随时会发生,或者已经镇压多起掩盖的好而没有泄露出来!:scream::scream::scream: Special policemen with submachine guns have been patrolling in Hubei supermarkets, marking a comprehensive food crisis in Hubei. Riot crises can happen at any time, or many coverups have been suppressed and not leaked! :scream::scream::scream:

2 sweepers with MSS Seeking out a possible Super Spreaders. Inside the Hubei Supermarkets. Remember they do not give handguns or automatic rifles to regular police. And these 2 are not with the WuHan SWAT team. They are with the clean up crew

Hunting the Super Spreaders

There seems to be more than just coronavirus going round, I personally think there is more viruses on the loose at the same time

I thought that was cellphones…:thinking:

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Telecommunications system and Bitcoin are very similar in their metadata surveillance profiles. CDRs == TXOs

【服不服?!服不服?![怒骂]】四川巴中,一处疫情防控点,一名村民与一名年轻民警发生争论,村民仅仅说了一句“奇怪”,年轻民警勃然大怒,抽出警棍,一下将村民摔倒在地,压在村民身上,大声喝问:“服不服?!服不服?!” 村民回答:“服。” 尽管村民服了,仍被带走接受调查。[Serve? !! Are you convinced? !! [Scolding]] In Bazhong, Sichuan, an outbreak prevention and control point, a villager arguing with a young policeman, the villager just said “strange”, the young policeman was furious, pulled out his baton, and fell the villager On the ground, they pressed on the villagers and yelled, “Do you agree ?! Are you convinced?” The villagers replied, “Serve.” Although the villagers served, they were taken away for investigation.

武汉恐大规模饿死人 全境或断网

武汉疫情肆虐,疫区湖北全省实行最严格封户令。众多网友的聊天信息显示,武汉可能要出现大规模饿死人的人道危机。并担心中共会实施全境断网阻止真相曝光。武汉作家说,最大的灾难是全家人在几天全部死光……:scream::scream::scream: Wuhan fears large-scale starvation

The epidemic is raging in Wuhan, and Hubei Province in the affected areas has implemented the strictest closure orders. The chat messages of many netizens indicate that there may be a humanitarian crisis of mass starvation in Wuhan. And he is worried that the CCP will implement a network cut across the country to prevent the truth from being revealed. Wuhan writer says the biggest disaster is the death of the whole family in a few days … :scream::scream::scream:

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This is what quarantine will be like in the US, with county health workers deputized by the state.

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