South-africa hospital charts

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Dude u nailed it

South-africa hospital charts

Not a medical fact

You can boast your immune system

But you disrespect this virus

You will end up cremated

And don’t think as we speak they are not teaching Enlisted

Whaats this a reference to

Billions of dollars disappearing from the financial system, from the accounting notes.
the shares collapse and the investors watching their money disappear.
the worst is not going to be the virus, the worst is going to be the later economic crisis.

Biological warfare

How to assist in the cremation process

Do bullshit yoga medicine or eastern herbal nonsense

Has anyone seen any people posting who actually have coronavirus or have recovered ? I’m curious why there is no videos of actual people with this illness or people saying their stories ?

Goes out the window

When dealing with Biological Warfare

So is this intentional or accidentally released?

I’ve showed you the evidence with regards to footage and bad actors as well as the Chinese states response with the special units

We should not care. Are you a journalist/historian, or trying to prepare to protect you and yours?

I’m preparing

I mean, the element of intentional engineering motivates further preparations, but danger is coming either way.

I’m also an author and may turn into a historian on this one. Who knows!


For my opinion i don’t uses eastern herbal remedies or yoga medicine… I have researched other things that help keep the human body as a whole regenerative and in combat with external opposition… Not many people know that your cells create interferon’s to fight viruses in your body…


Wife made this

昨天开始,加拿大多伦多的部分 #中国人 已经开始去超市抢购大米、面粉和肉类了。起因是本地多个支那自媒体都在发布类似下图中的消息。

Starting yesterday, some #Chinese in Toronto, Canada have begun to buy rice, flour and meat from supermarkets. The reason is that multiple local media in China are publishing messages similar to the following figure.