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(I would’ve posted this yesterday but I was in hospital)

⤺ reposted by @0x1CwYVn from Connect the dots, and realize that Blue Faction and Green Faction 🧙‍♂️ are using the Pandemic in Navajo nation to cover the death ☠️ bodies of the Red Faction Subterranean Societies.

Best wishes for a quick recovery to you and yours.

Anyone else having problems with telegram today? Slow? I’ve never had issues before.

Norway reviewing Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine deaths of frail and elderly patients - CNN

Another day without shtf events neither conspiranoic plans executed. Good night.

Hope you feel better soon

how it started / how it’s going

You are healthy and healed. All the best to you!

You sound like an asshole, go back to 4chan

I hope you get back to full speed soon!


The real one seems pretty adamant about the double Ls

I remember a long time ago Aries said Q is 1st grade. Doomsday is grad school.

and abracadabra college :slight_smile:

It is now very apparent that our new overlords are hell bent on putting a foot to the neck of the American people. In two years you will no longer have the same freedoms you enjoyed for your whole life. It is changing at a very rapid pace.

Are we doomed to persevere or are we doomed to fail. Either option is a bloodletting of a lifetime. And we do not have recourse to challenge our government anymore. Not sure if we ever really did.

Pray that “We the People” take a stand against the tyranny of our own government.

They will be coming for you.

Sooner rather than later.

J. Coons
Coondog Theology
21 January, 2021

Yikes. No calls for violence. Not endorsed by this chat.


This is not actionable intel. Leave this room open for actionable intel. If you want to discuss potential outcomes, take it to discourse.



Just changed shoes?
Or recording scenes mistake?