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No politics Drew, we are above that here

The health suit is really bad?


Espera tengo Que ver el video



i am working on ways to stay clean and in particular when out and about in my truck. So, I came up with the following. Please do add if you have any comments or suggestions:


  1. Try your best to keep the interior clean and safe

  2. Carry hand sanitizers when you LEAVE THE VEHICLE so you can use them before you get BACK INTO THE VEHICLE

  3. Keep your phone in your pocket or purse when outside the car so you can keep it as clean as possible

  4. Sanitize your hands BEFORE you get back into the vehicle, NOT once your are back intot the vehicle

  5. Don’t touch your face!

Good tips.

Nice Bill. I actually am not taking my phone out of the car if it’s shopping or something like that.

It does take practice

Thank you all for your advice

I feel bad about dumping gloves and wipes on parking lot grounds but what can you do

Couldn’t think of a better administrator than @hilary17 !

Clear outside door handles

Any news from New England

Just the one case so far from someone that travelled to Italy

that is, in New Hampshire

Thanks for sharing. Bear in mind that once you are in a red zone. All your clothing shoes and hair is considered contaminated. So I don’t think the vehicle can be effectively cleaned. We should treat the interior of the vehicle as a red zone.

Damn you are right. So just peel off second layer of gloves maybe at best