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yw, please share if you got further confirmation about that info, especially the “told to be quiet” part

Dr. Bernhard Wiezorek (@adexo_consult) Tweeted:
Not only are tests not reliable, now „cured patients“ test positive again and need to be re-quarantined. In addition, cases in Korea and Italy explode let alone the Diamond Princess disaster. Covid-19 is not over, it is here to stay. Hope you are prepared

My sister suspected of having Coronavirus awaiting evidence at the hospital in Mataró. If that’s how things are managed, what happens when hundreds or thousands of cases will occur? We are non-animal people #coronavirus #COVID19 #coronavirusEspaña

Ironic that Feb 2019 China made this ban…

looks like bloodshed

This is child’s play compared to what’s coming

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