Some things to think about.

Some things to think about.

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from About 2 years supply for a family but I’m guessing he’s gonna sell it as things get worse.

Meh I’m fine with it, Blockchain is old compared to my standards

They’ve been pushing for digital currency for years and to dominate it.

Steve I’ve posted the videos

Told you how bad it is

And it’s going to get

I’ve told people who call themselves Preppers and they claim that the flu kills more people

Can you be rounded up

Strong probability

Are Asians quarantined more than others? Out of curiosity.

They literally weld the doors shut

You must be new

Go watch the documentaries

I mean at international airports

Like uk

I’m concerned about travelling to Europe

How will Spain be?

Depends on the quarantined guidelines listed by customs

Yeah just wanted to see if there are any first hand experiences from this group

Ask @DiesIrae he works at a hospital in Spain

Looks like you will let us know soon

Keep us posted

Now the media and government will be telling people not to stock up after telling everyone to do just that.

Thank you :pray:t2: for volunteering

Lol. I’ll do that. Take one for the team!

Good Morning Everyone!! :dizzy:



Hello. I’m from Spain. I can tell you that “official numbers” are here 158 infected by now. The numbers are multiplying almost by 2 every day. If this continues, it is likely that before next week we have a quarantined city.