Solar Forcing, Magnetic Helicity, Flood | S0 News Oct.11.2020

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His last few shots are from

. I suggest a look if you watching weather patterns or if your an avid surfer . Best map I’ve ever seen. Tracks lighting as you can see from the vid as well

Azazel News #Recap 10/10/2020

  1. Dot-com bust, 2008 housing crash — all absolutely nothing compared to this one.

  2. A follow up to Coinbase being a mission focused company. [Mission focused - meaning no politics!]

  3. Microsoft probed over aim to double black staff numbers. The firm is spending $150m on its new diversity and inclusion initiative.

  4. The Australian government is expecting borders to remain closed through late 2021, and that’s based on the assumption that there’s a vaccine.

  5. Waymo started driverless tests in Phoenix. (AKA DRIVERLESS UBER.) This Google company plans to expand tests to cover whole state later.

  6. intelwave: “A man participating in what was billed as a ‘Patriot Rally’ sprayed mace at a left-wing demonstrator, and the left-wing demonstrator shot him with a handgun."

  7. Media exaggerated panic buying claims government report. The government has denied being unprepared for the impact of the Covid crisis on the food supply chain.

  8. Simon Harley: “There’s something oddly cathartic about this Chinese steam locomotive spewing red hot ash everywhere.”

  9. Starlink already threatens optical astronomy. Now, radio astronomers are worried. Analysis from Square Kilometer Array suggests satellite mega-constellations could upset views of molecules in space.

  10. Residents of Murmansk watch the sunrise after the polar night, which lasted 40 days. Hundreds of Murmansk residents gather here, wishing to see the long-awaited sunlight.

  11. Dancing Algae Pediastrum. Dancing crystals are found in Pediastrum algae that prefer to grow in very regular colonies. These colonies very often consist of 8, 16, 32 and so on.

  12. The Netherlands needs to go back into lockdown as a matter of urgency to prevent hospitals becoming overloaded again. Next lockdown reported in Netherlands. [Source? Friend texted this morning. I trust the source.]

  13. Groundbreaking new coronavirus vaccine candidate also kills the flu. Scientists have come up with a groundbreaking coronavirus vaccine candidate that has a few theoretical advantages over other candidates.

  14. Wildfires erupt in Mount Lebanon area after heatwave hits country. Firefighters in Lebanon have been battling fierce wildfires across the Mount Lebanon area and along the country’s border with Israel.

  15. Trump prepares for potential fight; Leaked docs reveal new evidence of China’s coverup. Leaked documents provide new evidence of the Chinese Communist Party’s coverup of the CCP virus in Wuhan. Who is patient zero?

  16. Forearm artery reveals human evolution continues. Humans haven’t developed mutations or superpowers just yet, but a new study shows our species is still evolving in unique ways and changes in natural selection.

  17. loisnomad: “Is there a cardboard shortage? Food delivery yesterday had items usually packed in cardboard in plastic including eggs and veggie and vegan items. My fridge and freezer plastic city.”

  18. Kyrgyz security forces detain ex-president Atambayev. Kyrgyz security forces detained former president Almazbek Atambayev on Saturday, Russia’s Interfax news agency reported citing a member of Atambayev’s political party.

  19. Eli Lilly says its monoclonal antibody cocktail is effective against Covid-19. The monoclonal antibody treatment also appears to prevent patients from visiting the emergency room or hospital.

  20. ‘It’s not a question of belief’: the film examining government UFO records. The Phenomenon studies the history of UFO claims from the 1940s to this summer’s revelation of a Department of Defense investigation into military sightings.

  21. SpaceX news: Starlink internet ready for public use after latest launch, Elon Musk says. SPACEX’S space-based internet service Starlink should be ready to go live for customers, Elon Musk has announced.

  22. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un again claims country has no coronavirus cases. North Korea continues to insist that it remains free of the coronavirus pandemic, even as the country maintains lockdown measures around the country.

  23. Retail analysts urge consumers to keep calm in the weeks ahead. Retailers remain laser-focused on keeping their shelves stocked after getting caught flat-footed this spring by the outbreak of COVID-19.

  24. More than 1,000 Air Force cyber security operators to transfer to Space Force. Air Force troops participate in an exercise of the Advanced Battle Management System at Duke Field, Fla., Dec. 17, 2019.

  25. Lost elephant seal rescued after flopping through streets in Chile. The seal was seen traveling through the streets of Puerto Cisnes, Chile before the Chilean Navy directed a rescue operation to take it back to sea.

  26. 60% of Zimbabweans face food crisis by December: UN. About 8 million (60 %) of the Zimbabwean population is facing serious food shortages by December due to continued droughts in the country and COVID-19 pandemic that has disrupted the informal sector.

  27. Neal Frights: “I’ll never forget my programming teacher who was like a senior dev at IBM and decided he was done writing missile guidance software when he was telling us this he said, “I just woke up one morning and it struck me that I was a murderer. So I quit." [Solomon Syndrome Example.]

  28. Mysterious pollution causing mass deaths of marine animals in Russia’s Kamchatka. Mysterious toxic pollution along a 40 km (25 miles) stretch of Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula has killed 95 percent of seabed creatures in the area and caused health issues among surfers since September 2020.

  29. Secret Dossier About ‘Diamond-Shaped UFO’ Sighting Barred From Release by UK Military. The eyewitnesses of the alleged UFO sighting reportedly observed the object for some ten minutes, and also said they saw “military jets fly a series of low-level passes”.

  30. Tucker Carlson: It’s ‘Outrageous’ the Government Is Still Hiding Evidence of UFOs. As he often does, Tucker Carlson took a break from talking politics for a few minutes at the very end of his Fox News show on Friday night — to talk about aliens and UFOs.

  31. Manuel Barrera: “If you look at the international scene, China is right now in a food shortage and with the increased natural disasters they’ve faced it’s not getting any better, same for Africa and India… It’s not just the USA, it’s a world wide food shortage. Add election and panic.”

  32. China’s military-run space station in Argentina is a ‘black box.’ When China built a military-run space station in Argentina’s Patagonian region it promised to include a visitors’ center to explain the purpose of its powerful 16-story antenna.

  33. Cate Cadell: “A browser launched by a Shanghai subsidiary of Qihoo360 is giving Chinese users access to social media sites outside the Great Firewall - with some fairly insane catches: sign up is with a national ID, it’s still heavily censored, slow, and has a suitably fierce T&C agreement.”

  34. App Removed After Helping Users Bypass China’s Great Firewall. An app backed by Chinese cybersecurity giant 360 Security Technology Inc. that helped users vault over Beijing’s Great Firewall was blocked and removed from mobile stores Saturday.

  35. Category 2 Hurricane “Delta” makes landfall in Louisiana, U.S. Hurricane “Delta” made landfall near Creole, Louisiana at 23:00 UTC on October 9, 2020, with maximum sustained winds of 155 km/h (100 mph), making it a Category 2 hurricane.

  36. Vaslor: “There’s going to be a food shortage soon, stock up. Start small gardens for basic veggies or fruits, get an avocado tree. Start training ur body to eat less (which u should be doing anyways). No Kap remember the colonizers destroyed the native Americans food supply to weaken them.”

  37. The Heat: China’s investments in Latin America. From Mexico to Argentina, China is strengthening its relationships in Latin America. We’ll be taking a closer look at the Belt and Road Initiative in the region. How Africa is Becoming China’s China. China-Canada Trade Is Going Strong Despite Huawei Feud.

  38. Ford is reported to work on a two-leg human-shaped delivery robot. [And they say immigrants are stealing jobs. LOL. Automation, not Immigrants, is what you should worry about. Did you see the recent Terminator film, Dark Fate? The entire thing is pretty much a treatise on how automation will lead to Terminators, lol. I put guns in it. My all time favorite episode. I still lose it when they really get going.]

  39. Skynet Does The Office: Citrix Says By 2035, Workers With Implanted Chips Will Have "Labor Market Advantage.” “Almost eight in 10 business leaders (77%) believe that under-the-skin chips and sensors will increase worker performance and productivity by 2035, compared to just 43% of employees who share this view.”

  40. U.S., AstraZeneca strike deal for COVID-19 antibody treatment touted by Trump. The U.S. government has awarded $486 million to AstraZeneca Plc to develop and secure supplies of up to 100,000 doses of COVID-19 antibody treatment, a similar class of drug that was used in treating President Donald Trump.

  41. Pakistan bans TikTok over ‘immoral and indecent’ videos. Pakistan has banned popular short video app TikTok, citing circulation of videos that it deemed “immoral and indecent.” The move comes months after the South Asian country raised serious concerns about the nature of some videos on ByteDance’s app and the impact they posed on society.

  42. Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed on a ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh. After 10-hour talks between the foreign ministers of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, the parties agreed to cease fire from 12:00 on October 10. Armenia and Azerbaijan are moving towards “substantial” negotiations on a peaceful settlement and confirm the invariability of the format of the negotiation process. [Good for the people. Bad for the International Arms Dealer. To them, nothing more than a ceasefire.]

  43. This is how obvious they make things these days. Compare 2020. Watch with fresh eyes. Also take note - Sigourney Weaver plays a Blue Wizard in the Alien Trilogy. But for the ones in the know, see her play a Red Wizard in Marvel’s The Defenders. Even in the promotional posters for Alien take notice who is the only one in blue coveralls (signifying Blue Wizard status). Hidden in plain sight. Pretty badass that she played both colors and opposing factions. Very clever - something only Black Worlders would pick up on.

  44. End High School in Sawa: “There will be food shortage, if not famine, in Horn of Africa, and like the famines of 1974 and 1984, this one would also be man-made and should have been preventable.” [Locust plagues are man made? What about all of the unseasonable weather resulting in massive crop loss due to the GSM??? If man has failed to eradicate locusts, then yes man is ultimately at fault. Weather and ALL things climatic are controlled directly or indirectly by the sun. But we did eradicate the locust.

  45. Imran Khan: “Starting Monday in coming week, our government will use all the resources at the disposal of the state to bring down food prices. We are already examining causes of the price hikes: whether there is a genuine supply shortage or simply hoarding by mafias; smuggling, if any; or a price rise due to international prices such as for palm oil, lentils etc. From next week we will have our strategy in place & action will begin using all state organizations & resources to bring down food prices.”

  46. Tearful Kim Jong Un says North Korea will mobilize nuclear force if threatened. North Korea unveiled a new intercontinental ballistic missile, mounted on 11-axle trucks. North Korea displays ‘massive’ ICBM at parade. The rare night-time military parade comes weeks before the US presidential election. North Korea held a military parade early Saturday to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of its ruling Workers’ Party in a rare predawn event, South Korea’s military said. The anniversary, celebrated with a raft of concerts and festivals, was closely watched around the region as it was seen as an event where leader Kim Jong Un could deliver messages to domestic and foreign audiences. Analysts had said the North might unveil new strategic weapons, but state media has not released any images or reports on a parade. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said it spotted signs that a parade involving large-scale military equipment and personnel took place in the capital Pyongyang but gave no further details.

  47. Edmonds Police, WSP investigating explosion near Hwy 99. [But wait, the media and the Left (redundant, I know) keep telling us that rumors of arson and exploding devices being detonated throughout the greater Seattle and Portland areas are all just Right Wing conspiracy theories… Could it be true?? News has such a strong hold on people, it’s scary. Turn that shit off imo. I’ve learned/unlearned more in 1 month here than from years anywhere else. Need a Bitcoin equivalent to news. That’s what Azazel is. I don’t watch or tune in like I used to. A few minutes of local news a day for things like weather, traffic and what the hell are they doing to F this area up today (because it’s ALWAYS something). But we have to stay informed as to what is going on, or at least what they are trying to make us think is/isn’t going on. Not keeping up on what media wants us to think, and what our friend, neighbors and families are being brainwashed into thinking, that puts as much as risk as it does all who follow it blindly.]

  48. Are you prepared? My neighbor seems to know all the groceries we bring into the house so I say no, it’s mostly house crap and early Christmas presents. I told her early on in March to start prepping. They got a freezer and were doing pretty good, but I think since then have gotten distracted. I was hoping they had guns to help defend the street, but they don’t. I think they could get some from their kids pretty quickly though. I have an extra Baofeng so we can communicate walkie talkie style if need be. I have been telling family since March. They did well while we were in quarantine, but most of them are back to just buying for the week and nothing extra. I have a lot of family so it worries me. They are more than 45 miles away so if cars aren’t running, they won’t get here. I push my parents to get extra meds and keep getting food. They would not be able to get to me if cars aren’t running. Nor could i get to them and back safely. I’m frankly more concerned about neighbors who are clueless than anything else. Greenland. Don’t answer the door.

  49. The Island Brokers Are Overwhelmed. Calls and emails come in at all times of day and night. They no longer concern fun or prestige. [Island shortage. I wonder why. NZ full? Investor visa for NZ is now 2 Million. Some places you can just buy a small island for less then 2 Million. And get HughesNet (HughesNet satellite internet service). Also take into account that Starlink will soon be operational. So working from a remote island using Starlink (which will soon be a reality) is cheaper than the cost of a 2 million dollar investor visa to New Zealand. Some in the room have HughesNet. If they had Iphones/IPads (eqivalent to modern technology) in the 80s, trust me you should also pissed with this rinse and repeat that Apple does instead of advancing the Technology Transfers. “Nine in 10 adults think buying latest smartphone is ‘waste of money.’ Third of people will spend less on mobiles and other gadgets over next two years.” For every update they do, they try to squeeze 30 to 60 Billion dollars out of the White World (Bubble Worlders). You should’ve been wearing AR Glasses since 2001 but trickle down technology transfers are not about elevating humanity but about increasing stock value/portfolio.]

  50. Crocodile update. A resident of a village in the Vologda Oblast decided to move south to save his crocodile. He was interrupted by the police. A tragic story of two broken hearts. With the onset of cold weather, a 27-year-old resident of the village of Tarnoga thought about moving from the Vologda region to Sochi. True, a problem arose - the guy had a conditional conviction, and he had to get permission to change his place of residence, even if it was temporary and so pleasant. He went to the local police department. Comrade boss did not oppose the move of the parole element, he always only welcomed this. The goodness to the south was already practically in the guy’s pocket, but it was then that he made a mistake. On the last question: “Why do you need to be in Sochi for the winter?”, He decided to answer honestly. And he took out a crocodile from the bag he had with him. And he even told the pale chief that a crocodile needs warmth and palm trees, and in the Vologda region, if there are palms, it is perhaps cut out of old tires and pipes. Comrade boss, of course, deep down in his heart also felt that real palms suited him much more than their local, Vologda ones. But he also understood that there was not a single legal reason for the former Russian convict to have a crocodile. Let it be with a correcting convict. In general, the crocodile was seized from a 27-year-old resident of Tarnoga, and they were allowed to go to Sochi. But he didn’t need it anymore.

  51. What is that thing around :50? Sentry. Very nasty. Looks like one of those Boston dynamics robots?! Where’s the footage from? Notice how the knights did not hesitate and annihilated right away. Blood curdling, spine chilling stuff. Part of me wants to pass it off as great editing, but at the same time… there are demons. That desert one… Do you think maybe the military has utilized them to do work as sentries? Lol go spend some time on Nukes Top 5 on YouTube. It’s a disclosure channel. As for military working side by side with literal demons that are in invisible, I highly doubt it. Well, the physical manifestation of them, aliens/Nephilim if you will. If they were in fact real, one would think that the videos would get pulled, just like all the other censorship is happening with regards to treatment of Covid-19 & the agenda. I agree, but never say never. They do, it’s called an EOD request. Ask yourself how many videos of Americans passing out in America have you seen. End Of Day request hides much. Homeland can put in a request and you’ll never see the videos of Americans dying in the streets like the ones from China. So you can imagine how much content is pulled. Or what’s supposedly covid19. I believe 5G can cause same symptoms, oxygen deprivation, etc. Nothing to do with 5G. Yeah, look up Doris Loh’s research. The 5G COVID19 rumors are started by the NSA so useful idiots burn Chinese 5G towers which are a threat to the West but it didn’t catch on. I think China could have faked a significant amount of videos to foment the Covid-19 being a supposedly deadly virus, in turn shutting down the western world, destroying the economy. They bounced back super quick & now they’ll have the upper hand. Same as Anonymous being created to go after the Church of Scientology. You build an army of useful idiots to do one’s bidding. Maybe, but only the crematorium operators really know. I believe them. Not Qanon. Talk to those from Wuhan, it wasn’t faked. The low infection count and low death count was faked. We have admins from Wuhan. Agreed, why pay for an upgraded spying device when the one already spying on you is advanced enough. Won’t be buying another, especially if it’s 5G enabled. I’m not worried about 5G. In the 80s NSA and CIA had flip phones in the field - guess what - they are all still alive and well. No brain cancer or any of this nonsense. Like seriously the first to use phones on the field was not the public. Once Again 5G conspiracies are for the public to burn down Chinese 5G towers. It’s not around anymore because too many we’re getting caught and too few we’re doing it. Not the 5G itself but rather the data transfer speed. Don’t think the idea of huge amounts of data being hoovered up in the blink of an eye is for our benefit. Also can’t see the need, my devices at this point are fast enough in consumer world at this point. Not a 5G tower burning fanatic, just someone who sees the likely abuse of the capability. Hey man. I want Apple Glass. I need that 5G. Don’t knock it till you try it. Hit me with the 5G baby. Fair enough. I’ll sit on the sidelines and see how it goes. Completely agree with you that tech has definitely been suppressed for profit. As has just about everything. Heard a rumor that Apple launches their glasses for Qatar’s World Cup on 2022. So not that long wait anymore. Optics Matter. (Implant me Elon!!!) Give me that 5G microchip yummy goodness. Shit’s 50 years old. You guys are just getting it. I trust neither. Lies. One is a Knucklehead. The other is not. Choose your poison. You mean to tell me you won’t trust a Blue Wizard who keeps dropping hits like this? I’m just busting your chops. Sound like it’s taken from Hindu concepts of devas (the divine ones) and the asuras (the ‘others’). But really try to understand the real reason some in the west try to make you hate 5G (certain people). “China Isn’t the Only Problem With 5G. The network has plenty of other security weaknesses, including ones the United States doesn’t want to fix since they help its own surveillance efforts.

” “5G Is Where China and the West Finally Diverge. The rollout of speedy new cellular networks is a geopolitical turning point, but neither Trump nor the public yet recognizes this.” “China Is Winning the Trillion-Dollar 5G War. A world embroiled with Covid-19 still needs a factory floor. Beijing is moving fast to own this one.”

  1. ‘Unusually’ intense, record storm knocks power to over 200 000 customers in Capital District - New York, U.S. A powerful thunderstorm hit New York’s Capital District on Wednesday, October 7, 2020, leaving more than 200 000 customers without power and killing at least two people. [Interesting to note this is very similar to a freak storm that hit this summer knocking much of New England. My mom looked at the pics telling me how it was totally what tornadoes do to trees. When they pick the top of the trees and uproot them out of the ground. This image from the twitter feed shows how the side of tree was torn off. It would be interesting to see if the same phenomenon happened here. Because back in the summer people through out New England said tornadoes but the weather news would say nothing. I told my mom this is strange and she shrugged. And said they are busy. And you know what happened 2 of those states huge portions were out of power for 2 weeks. People could not get ice anywhere. Generator lines were crazy. And the biggest thing was a ton of people lost all their food! Something to think about. Because from what I heard people’s biggest upset was about the food. It makes me think about if we had a blizzard this winter. I am betting on it. What happens if it’s NSHTF but people lose their food under this lockdown with food shortages. Just some other perspective to offer. I would love to know more about these weather occurrences because I think people overlook the weather can ruin a lot of plans and preparation so understanding how to be preventative and know how to deal with weather and have ways to work around the various scenarios is key. Will be interesting to see what comes from this. Especially how long they wait and get back online.]

  2. Biden says voters don’t deserve to know his stance on packing Supreme Court. Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Friday said that voters don’t deserve to know if he would attempt to pack the Supreme Court if he wins in November and Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to the high court. [This is what happens when people make vows in the form broad of sweeping statements like “no matter who”… Saying “Vote X no matter who” is literally the same thing as saying "I honestly do not care who this person is, what their platform is, what they have done, what they have failed to do, what they openly say that they plan to do, what their record and past statements indicates that will likely do accordingly, or to the contrary of such promises, or even if they openly oppose everything that I stand for, and the constitutional rights and freedoms that this country guarantees to every citizen. I don’t care how this will affect me, my family, my friends, my neighbors, my colleagues, my job, future generations. I LITERALLY DO. NOT. CARE. My feelings and opinion are all that matters, and my opinion is that I don’t like X and therefore anyone, a career criminal, a con artist, a serial killer, a terrorist, a gang member, a mountain panda, it doesn’t matter, just literally anyone but the person or party I oppose. That line of thinking is so dangerous it is borderline insanity. At the very least, it indicates severe lack of judgment and absence of critical thinking skills. One could even argue that it is indicative of a diminished mental capacity that would inhibit one from making good decisions on matters that affect one’s health and safety, and that of those around them. But I’ll leave that determination up to the clinical psychologists and the courts.]

  3. Thaddeus E. Grugq: “OPSEC plan: Secure location. Seize and secure all mobile phones to prevent surveillance. Honour system that no one is wearing a wire. All that security to protect against “them” but nothing to protect against “us.” “On June 20, 2020, FOX, GARBIN, and several other individuals, including CHS-2, met at FOX’s business in Grand Rapids. As part of FOX’s operational security, the attendees met in the basement of the shop, which was accessed through a trap door hidden under a rug on the main floor. FOX collected all of their cellular phones in a box and carried them upstairs to prevent any monitoring. CHS-2 was wearing a recording device, however, and captured the audio from the meeting. The attendees discussed plans for assaulting the Michigan State Capitol, countering law enforcement first responders, and using “Molotov cocktails” to destroy police.” “Over the weekend of July 10-12, 2020, FOX, CROFT, GARBIN, FRANKS, CASERTA, CHS-2, and others attended a FTX in Cambria, Wisconsin. Attendees participated in firearms training and other combat drills. On July 11, at the exercise, CROFT and a member of the militia group attempted to construct an improvised explosive device (“IED”), using black powder, balloons, a fuse, and BBs for shrapnel. CROFT, GARBIN and the militia group member attempted to make a second IED using similar components. The construction of the devices was faulty, and they did not detonate as planned. CHS-2 provided FBI with video of the event.” “On July 27, 2020, CHS-2 met FOX at his business in Grand Rapids. CHS-2 provided the FBI with an audio recording of the meeting. FOX said their best opportunity to abduct Governor Whitmer would be when she was arriving at, or leaving, either her personal vacation home or the Governor’s official summer residence. Both residences are located in the Western District of Michigan. FOX described it as a “Snatch and grab, man. Grab the fuckin’ Governor. Just grab the bitch. Because at that point, we do that, dude – it’s over.” FOX said that after kidnapping the Governor, the group would remove her to a secure location in Wisconsin for “trial.” FOX suggested they get a realtor to help them find the exact location of the vacation home and collect information on the surrounding homes and structures. FOX discussed the importance of knowing the layout of the yard, homes, and security. FOX stated they needed to map out the surrounding property and gates, and they needed plumbers and electricians to help them read blueprints to refine their strategy. FOX also suggested recruiting an engineer or “IT [Information Technology] guy,” a “demo guy,” and other “operators.” [Look at these idiots! DIVIDED AND CONQUERED! MUPPETS INDEED.]

  4. Go review largest number of characters. Because I’ve never seen 164. And the date. Checking. 5 hercules (2 showing n/a), 3 globemaster, 1 k135r. Post screenshots. 164 is quite outstanding. Writing a book maybe? Heh. If only we could decipher. 4 for 242 chars since feb. Big messages are pretty rare in general but it’s normal for them to have a lot of repeat letters in the big ones. I managed to decode one message. It said "FRANK IS BRINGING THE SAUSAGES SO CAN YOU BRING THE BEER THIS SATURDAY.” If anything ever happens and the net goes down after a 1st strike and you are in Ham Radio and EAM’s are going nuts that’s when it’s time to go to Bunker-land. “EAM correlation on the 4-7th October 2020 is highly unusual to levels of Janets in the air.” That’s a creepy message to receive honestly on days and nights with a high volume of EAMs. NV65 still on EOD since 09/25. Meaning Janet flights going into Area 51 are no longer showing up in the Algorithm. And they are taking it down. The block is still in place on Twitter. And the AREA 51 flights should concern all of you. Since they are outside normal hours of operations. And never to the frequency they’ve been in the past. This plane that was on Twitter has no flight history, plus its non searchable. I’m looking for history of this Janet34 its not on any of the lists this plane is scrubbed. Found the Janet - its mislabeled in the system. Now that I’ve pulled file up they will delete it … “or system will crash”!!! The Janet activity is getting very overwhelming, more than normal. It’s concerning. How many in and out tonight so far? So far tonight 10/11/2020, 8 as of 12pm pst / 3am EST. The increase in activity and time ranges are the concern. Usually Janets operate Monday-Friday to take staff back and forth. Now they are operating on a 24 hour clock. Flights coming and going night and day. Holy crap. Yeah something is definitely up. Even when they hire contract workers in, they don’t fly them back and forth every day. They bring them in a van with blackened windows to and from a motel out an hour and a half from that area. They’re not allowed to even take their tools back to the motel with them. They have to check in on the base I think it’s every half hour and this has to be verified with someone who high enough credentials to have some authority out there. They have to be watched when they go to the bathroom, and they’re not allowed to flush without the toilet being visually inspected first. Or so I’ve heard… I study patterns and something is not adding up!! It’s like we are being lead down a path… it all looks like a nicely painted picture on the surface. But below some other more terrifying things are happening. You just have to connect the dots. EAMs per UTC day:
    2020-08-31 #
    2020-09-01 ##
    2020-09-02 ###
    2020-09-04 ###
    2020-09-06 ###
    2020-09-07 ###
    2020-09-08 ###
    2020-09-09 ##
    2020-09-10 #####
    2020-09-11 #####################
    2020-09-12 #############
    2020-09-13 ###
    2020-09-14 #
    2020-09-15 #############
    2020-09-16 ##########
    2020-09-17 #############
    2020-09-18 #############
    2020-09-19 ###########
    2020-09-20 ###########
    2020-09-21 ####
    2020-09-22 ##########
    2020-09-23 ####################
    2020-09-24 #######
    2020-09-25 ##############
    2020-09-26 ########
    2020-09-27 ##
    2020-09-28 ######
    2020-09-29 ########
    2020-09-30 #####
    2020-10-01 ###
    2020-10-02 ############
    2020-10-03 ####
    2020-10-04 ################
    2020-10-06 ####
    2020-10-07 ####################
    2020-10-08 #######
    2020-10-09 ###########
    2020-10-10 ##

  5. Take notice. Some powerful money making opportunities here. Fake news gods answering our prayers. LOL. Looking real good. At all time low now. And likely headed lower. So here’s the hard part, Unlike regular investment types, prediction markets don’t necessarily get closer to reality as the event gets closer. See how red line goes up and down some but overall gets more retarded until right before the end. See the end of the 2016 timeline it shot up when it was suddenly announced that he’d won states that all fake news said were impossible to win. Cycles repeat. History repeats repeatedly. Praise the fake news gods. Pray to fake news gods!!! That they convince a bunch of morons to push the odds extremely in our favor. Also this is not me being political this is math and we comparing 2016 prediction market experience. This is all Actionable Intelligence. My advice to all of you learn more about prediction markets. Because the math is looking like a repeat of 2020. If we were going to War with China what stocks would you buy beforehand? Juul for the juul pod zoomer rations. LOL. Momentus? You are a hedge fund manager. LOL. I’m not, I can assure you. You are for like the next five minutes. Get into character. You analyze actionable intelligence that we are going to war, what sticks do you buy? Boeing, Kratos, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin. Correct. Well done. It’s a thought exercise. It’s 2018. Syria just committed a war crime. Khan Shaykhun chemical attack - chemical attack in Syria. What stocks do you buy? Don’t reply. Give the others a chance. Any steel/manufacturing company. Who knows what companies going to get the contracts? One thing for sure is they need raw materials. What happened after the Chemical attack? What did POTUS do? I’m trying to teach how to short sell and make predictions on a global stage. Listening. So 2018 Douma chemical attack just happened. POTUS is going to respond. What company do you tell your broker or press buy on your E-Trade account? Seriously this is Bobby Axelrod 101. Go on google and find the answers. Defense stocks. One in particular. If you are able to make predictions like this you no longer belong in the 9 to 5 tax bracket. Northrop? Boeing? Gas attack happened April 4th. Americans retaliation was on April 7th. 2017 Shayrat missile strike. United States missile strike in Syria on April 7, 2017. What stock do you buy? Answer is right there. Raytheon. Beat me to it. You could all be millionaires. Just need to connect the dots. It’s not that hard to get rich if you stop focusing on Politics. “Syria Airstrikes Added Nearly $5 Billion to Missile-Makers’ Stock Value. Donald Trump’s airstrike used 59 missiles made by Raytheon.” So I get really frustrated when I paint a fucking picture and not even 1% of Azazel/Doomsday acts upon the intelligence. The Hedge Funders do because they’ve changed their mentality long long time ago. Think Black Mamba left us? No she’s making bank after learning how to read Actionable Intelligence with fresh eyes. So when I post about Prediction Markets and not one question - it’s disappointing. I hear you. Likewise, loud and clear. 10-4. Not trying to be a Market Wizard trying to make you understand how to take Actionable Intelligence of this affecting us immediately and draw a hypothesis for the next week, next 6 months, next year, 5 years, 10 years etc etc etc… Learn how to talk to the future. So let’s do another thought exercise. I am paying attention and learning. It’s February 10th 2020 you just joined Doomsday you see the videos being posted by me and just watched TUIT’s documentaries of all the videos. What do you do the next with that E-Trade account? Everyone chime in. What do you do next? I just sent you to the past. What is your next move? The West is still in denial. Bodies dropping left and right in Wuhan. What do you do? Buy a mask company. Thinking small. Offload stocks, park in cash and wait for the west to react. Which ones? Chinese military just locked down 11 cities. What companies do you short or offload? Transportation and oil.

Good. Anyone else? Metals and bitcoin. Good. Please chime in. Medical but not sure what kind. But it was 9600. I would have waited. Medical supplies. Yes. Yes you do. You’ve got this. Keep thinking. Pharmaceutical companies, ie vaccine. YES!!! Which medical companies? And test kits. Yep. What else? Chinese Americans are sending mountains of boxes of 3M mask N95 mask to China. What does that indicate? A shitload of logistics/ distribution, packaging. People needing fabric to make their own masks. White House is doing its best to keep the public from panicking. And the term Strategic Stockpile makes its first appearance. What do you do for your family? Normies are still asleep. Stay prepared. Yes but how so that you also make money on that E-Trade account. Plastics. Yes. Biomedical and plastics. No, let’s do tech stocks. It’s Feb 10, 2020. Amazon options. What tech stocks? Offload airlines, buy Amazon. Do you play? Amazon. Peloton. Crispr, Invitae, Tesla, Proto Labs, and Materialise NV. Yes but what else? They just shut down 11 cities. Zoom. Cyber security. Shenzen, China, has yet to be shut down. Costco. Apple. Home improvement. What do you do regarding Apple? More and more cities will be shutdown. It’s not rocket science. Uber eats. Other delivery companies. Short them. Physical silver, gold, bitcoin, precious metals. Logistics companies. AI. Regarding Apple and Shenzen the home of Foxconn. Green as in solar. What do you do? EV. I know everyone is using/buying phones, I know any streaming service is going to be a massive win, I know that big box stores are staying open while small businesses are closing down, I know people are not traveling as much, I know that because of this fossil fuels are tanking out. Bricks. Do you buy more Apple Stock or short it? It’s February 10th 2020. I hold what I have and then short. Right again. I’m a trader. Have you used any Intelligence from Doomsday to trade? Yes some. She gets it. Thank you. Own physical silver gold then invest all other precious metals as well. Yes I screenshot, put on my watch list, study data and make love. Yes. What metals stocks do you like? Keep silver dimes in your bug out bag. And small gold coins. Cybersecurity student with desire to work in military intelligence. Actually, I like miners right now. That is insane. Pretty much should be holding and shorting anything dependent on a plant or resources downstream of the dam, I’d imagine. How so? Insanely cool. I think it’s fascinating. I think so too! 2nd lockdown is prolly on its way so these are good ideas for now too. So, you guys are getting the hang of it. Anything getting crippled by CA policies or fires. Now try to use this thought exercise to paint a picture of the next 24 days. Media is predicting retarded as fuck odds again. Telemundo deletes their poll after results show Pence as the winner in last nights debate. Spanish speaking viewers of Telemundo expressed their preference of who won tonight’s presidential debate: 66% Trump 34% Biden. Fake News Gods are being extra 2016 retarded again. And not one of you has asked me which prediction markets exist. Which makes me wonder. Do you have an opinion on Clean Gold being mined in Australia? One thing to use a scientific method to analyze actionable intelligence and mathematics. Another thing to just be a simple prepper science worshiper/fanboy. Huge as fuck difference between the 2 sides. If fake news is predicting blue and it’s really going to be red then follow the campaign funders. Even though they both say they love “science.” Then use that data set to your advantage. And remove politics and emotion from the equation. Agriculture and energy? Trust me they won’t be 10x or 100x their E-Trade accounts or Prediction markets accounts. I painted a blueprint. Hopefully some of you figure it out in 24 days. Start thinking like Elites (Wizards). Change your mentality. Awaken. Escape 9 to 5. Think about what Aries said above about prediction markets and the next 24 days. Read between the lines. Figure out what you need to do to turn the intel into a win.

Hey Kelly. I am pretty particular regarding the precious metals I trade. I have not looked into Clean Gold. I will do some research. Yep. Follow the money. So Aries and others more familiar, which prediction market is best? I’m highly intrigued by our group convo today. No Handholding DyHW. Research 2016 first. Use scientific method. You Learn nothing by me giving you the answers. I showed you a blueprint - use it. You all have 24 days to become prediction market experts. What did the Fake News Gods say about 2016 Election results that they are repeating again in 2020? What were the odds/predictions in 2016 compared to what truly happened? It’s not rocket science. And remove politics and emotion from the equation. Do the research. And this ties back into what stocks to buy? I understand why you want to teach this way, “no hand holding”. It’s a good technique. I’m trying to understand you. Use the info in this room for your benefit, whatever you choose to do with the knowledge is up to you. Thank you. I understand. If you look at the betting sites, Trump is way up. Lots of money to be had in shorting as well. My Stock pick… If I had investing funds… Howmet Aerospace Inc.

  1. Aldhelm: “A very old spy plane and a very new computer system played pivotal roles in last week’s computer glitch that temporarily paralyzed flight operations in southern California, officials tell CNN.” Meredith Frost: “This is what the northern lights look like from inside a U-2 spy plane at 70,000ft.” Kafkaesque: “The U-2 Dragon Lady spy plane pilot, Ross Franquemont, took other photos at the edge of space. The 1st/top left is SF & the Golden Gate bridge seen from space; his pressurized space suit; composite image of the 2017 eclipse; flag in cockpit.” Aldhelm: “The problem involved a U-2 aircraft, the type famed for conducting reconnaissance missions over the Soviet Union during the Cold War. A Federal Aviation Administration computer system interpreted the U-2’s flight path at a very high altitude as if it were flying in a much lower and more crowded airspace. The computer – which anticipates the flight path and looks for possible conflicts such as other aircraft or restricted airspace – was overtaxed by the many flight changes the U-2 had plotted, officials said. That work used much of the computer’s memory and interrupted its other flight-processing functions, FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said in a statement. The agency said it has added computer memory to prevent a recurrence, while others said officials are racing to install a more permanent computer patch. Two FAA officials, speaking on background Monday, blamed the shutdown on the unlikely convergence of two events. First, a U-2 aircraft flew a path that involved numerous waypoints and altitude changes in airspace controlled by three facilities. Those facilities were the Los Angeles and Oakland Air Route Traffic Control Centers, and the High Desert TRACON at Edwards Air Force Base. Simultaneously, there was an outage of the Federal Telecommunications Infrastructure, a primary conduit of information among FAA facilities. “That (U-2) flight plan, coupled with the FTI outage, in essence created a perfect storm,” one official said. The U.S. Air Force has 32 U-2 aircraft, which are capable of flying at altitudes up to 90,000 feet, according to IHS Jane’s. The fact the plane was a U-2 was not significant, one FAA official said. But the plane’s many waypoints, or geographic fixes, and its numerous altitude changes overwhelmed a system that projects the flights path and anticipates problems. The situation was complicated by the FTI outage, one official said. That overtaxed the FAA’s flight-processing system, which in turn brought down the FAA’s new En Route Automation Modernization system, which manages high-altitude air traffic. The FAA official likened it to a problem with a software program causing a laptop computer to crash.” China approves opening of Chilean consulate general in Chengdu. Mission will be Santiago’s fourth in China and the first in the city for a South American country. [Hmm. Keeps going on about NSA. Keep digging. Also very proud of you. I’m blessed to be here. I appreciate you. You should take a closer look at that twitter page it’s NSA recruitment. Read between the lines (Read between the Tweets) of the Aldhelm account. Hurry before it’s deleted. LOL. Waves to NSA. HI! Hint from NSA to members of Azazel/Doomsday. Wasn’t about the U2 plane at all. This is a known fact. It is not new. Interesting account none the less. Makes me wonder if it’s something hidden in plain sight. It’s an account tweeting about U2 spy planes and NSA recruitment and was already tweeted 66,000 x. Interesting. Funny how they tweet the exact same content daily. That’s even more suspicious. Actually, twice daily it would seem. 33 tweets exactly the same. Wouldn’t surprise me if someone in here runs the Twitter account and uses some of the information. Very suspicious. Maybe it’s only given to recruits who have a criminal records and are encouraged to apply to the NSA. And this is a code. “Or maybe the spy agency, under fire for eavesdropping on Americans, had accidentally blurted a secret of its own – a coded, classified message not meant for public eyes.

” “Was the NSA drunk? Had a cat skittered across someone’s keyboard?” “When the National Security Agency sent a tweet Monday filled with garbled nonwords like “tpfccdlfdtte,” the Internet was confused, and intrigued.” “The FAA official likened it to a problem with a software program causing a laptop computer to crash.” “That overtaxed the FAA’s flight-processing system, which in turn brought down the FAA’s new En Route Automation Modernization system, which manages high-altitude air traffic.” “But the plane’s many waypoints, or geographic fixes, and its numerous altitude changes overwhelmed a system that projects the flights path and anticipates problems. The situation was complicated by the FTI outage, one official said.” “The fact the plane was a U-2 was not significant, one FAA official said.” “U.S. stealth and spy planes.” “The U.S. Air Force has 32 U-2 aircraft, which are capable of flying at altitudes up to 90,000 feet, according to IHS Jane’s.” “That (U-2) flight plan, coupled with the FTI outage, in essence created a perfect storm,” one official said.” “Simultaneously, there was an outage of the Federal Telecommunications Infrastructure, a primary conduit of information among FAA facilities.” “First, a U-2 aircraft flew a path that involved numerous waypoints and altitude changes in airspace controlled by three facilities. Those facilities were the Los Angeles and Oakland Air Route Traffic Control Centers, and the High Desert TRACON at Edwards Air Force Base.” “Two FAA officials, speaking on background Monday, blamed the shutdown on the unlikely convergence of two events.” “The agency said it has added computer memory to prevent a recurrence, while others said officials are racing to install a more permanent computer patch.” “That work used much of the computer’s memory and interrupted its other flight-processing functions, FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said in a statement.” “The computer – which anticipates the flight path and looks for possible conflicts such as other aircraft or restricted airspace – was overtaxed by the many flight changes the U-2 had plotted, officials said.” “A Federal Aviation Administration computer system interpreted the U-2’s flight path at a very high altitude as if it were flying in a much lower and more crowded airspace.” “The problem involved a U-2 aircraft, the type famed for conducting reconnaissance missions over the Soviet Union during the Cold War.” “A very old spy plane and a very new computer system played pivotal roles in last week’s computer glitch that temporarily paralyzed flight operations in southern California, officials tell CNN.” “But it might signal a renewed effort by the embattled agency to attract new blood in the wake of revelations last year by leaker Edward Snowden. Documents leaked by Snowden showed the NSA ran a secret surveillance program to intercept Americans’ phone calls and Internet messages.” “Monday’s tweet was not the first time the NSA has sent a coded message on Twitter. The agency has posted three already this year to celebrate holidays, such as St. Patrick’s Day.” “Matthew Aid, who wrote a book about the NSA , told CNN last year that NSA hackers focus on foreign militaries, governments and corporations, and are protected by multiple levels of secrecy.” “The NSA receives thousands of applications a month and is on target to meet its hiring goals for the current fiscal year, Miller said.” “If you have a few, shall we say, indiscretions in your past, don’t be alarmed. You shouldn’t automatically assume you won’t be hired,” said the recruiting page. “If you’re really interested, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.” “A job with the NSA requires a security clearance, of course. But the agency seems eager to recruit smart people – even, perhaps, those with minor arrest records.” “In its efforts to attract top talent, the NSA has been known to recruit hackers and other computer wizards at cybersecurity conferences. The agency even set up a special page to woo attendees of DefCon, a shadowy hackers’ conference held each July in Las Vegas.

” “If the intelligence agency wanted attention, it worked. Monday’s message has been retweeted more than 1,100 times, and most major media outlets have run articles about it.” “NSA is known as the code makers and code breakers,” said Miller, who called the tweet “part of our recruitment efforts to attract the best and the brightest.” “When contacted by CNN, NSA spokeswoman Marci Green Miller said the Twitter account is run by the NSA recruitment office, which will post coded tweets each Monday for the rest of the month.” “Translated, it read (SPOILER ALERT for all you wannabe codebreakers): “Want to know what it takes to work at NSA? Check back each Monday in May as we explore careers essential to protecting our nation.” “The tweet was a basic “substitution cipher,” a code in which each letter of the alphabet is replaced by another.” “NSA snooping hounds Obama into 2014.” “Sen. Paul slams NSA spying at CPAC.” “Or maybe the spy agency, under fire for eavesdropping on Americans, had accidentally blurted a secret of its own – a coded, classified message not meant for public eyes.” The plot thickens. LOL.

Recaps are now available on the Azazel News website.

Please share with your loved ones and keep them ahead of the curve.

Back to the conversation from last night - the prediction market and the stock market are two different things.

Aries was merely using the stock market as an example to teach you how to think about it.

That’s the only clue I’m giving you - he wants you to think it through for yourselves! Good luck!

What site is giving the best odds? It’s not gambling when you know what’s going to happen

He wants everyone to research it and figure that out too! :slight_smile:



Yes indeed. One of my favorite discussions yet! I’d like to know the average age of folks who use prediction market like predictit as opposed to those who know the stock market. Just a thought. The concept Aries brought up is meaty goodness and quite a lot to digest. Definitely can change perspectives about things thinking like elite wizards :mage:‍♂ :woman_mage: instead of being force fed garbage from the mainstream. Actionable intel…









CDC and WHO can’t make their minds up :joy:

But… “trust the science,” Winter… “trust the science…” :rofl:

If one is encouraged to blindly “trust” science and one is discouraged from any and all attempts to “verify” science… what one is dealing with is not likely to be science at all; it’s just propaganda parading around wearing science like a Halloween costume.

There are most likely competing interests behind the scenes and narratives change…

Yes, the messages are inconsistent. And that tends to denote strategy or lack thereof.