SoftBank Owned Patent Troll, Using Monkey Selfie Law Firm, Sues To Block Covid-19 Testing, Using Theranos Patents

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Patents really shouldn’t exist

This is something incomprehensible.
Do they want to block tests ???

But what’s the point?

Do they want the disease to kill people?

Or make money on a patent?

Will a P100 Mask work?

The Canadian press wrote that the virus had leaked from the Canadian P4 lab. And that the virus was stolen by the Chinese working there.

In general, now everyone is blaming each other.

May be they think those people have antibody

Souls, you mean? -)


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should ask the Russian Orthodox Church about this. They keep saying that only their prayers will help.

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Thank you Aries, now I will guard this ship in GMT +3 :ship:

Corona has many lesson to learn us, many things will change in future:
Globalization ,WHO, BWC, Cryptocurrencies, Lifestyle,…

But, it is a good maneuver for all of the world to 1.know how insuficient their infrastructurs

2.know how arrogant human can be wretched by a 100 nm particle.

Does anybody know what temperature they are looking for on the temp guns?

Antibodies? But Chinese doctors wrote that no one has immunity against the coronavirus … Or I don’t understand anything.

So I said that Congress may be think of that))

Do you mean this?

Congress is not very scientific