So we have this fuck head cancelling our beloved BDFL’s because they go against his Vaccinated Demolition Man / Season 3 of Westworld future.

So we have this fuck head cancelling our beloved BDFL’s because they go against his Vaccinated Demolition Man / Season 3 of Westworld future. Meanwhile the Department of Justice not doing fuck all to stop it.

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I can’t see him anymore and NOT think “Knucklehead.”

This is permanently etched into my brain now.

Thanks, Elon Musk. :rofl:

Same. Lol

We are doing a Blue Wizard

Yesterday we did Gold

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How did ancient cities weather crises?

Take it to Archeology

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s opening statement concluded the first of four scheduled days of confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Why hasn’t prefab construction taken over?

Zoom and Gloom


Learn Skills, Become Valuable and GTFO :rocket::flying_saucer:

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blocked Vegas day

Make no mistake, your primary weapon is not your gun, it’s your body

Fuck it let’s rewrite history

it’s real holy shit!

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Wokes strike again!!!

Checkmate White People

I wonder who will play Black Hitler someday


Black hole kills star by ‘spaghettification’ as telescopes watch | Space

Australian scientists have found that Covid can live on stainless steel, glass, smartphones and banknotes for 28 days. It seems that money laundering will be necessary in the literal sense

Австралийские ученые выяснили, что ковид может жить на нержавейке, стекле, смартфоне и банкнотах 28 дней. Похоже, что отмывать деньги надо будет в прямом смысле

:zap:Extremely rare lightning ‘red goblin’ photographed in the night sky

Stephan Hummel is the researcher and photographer who took this breathtaking and rare photo. It shows a red goblin, a rare red lightning bolt that is very difficult to see with the naked eye due to global light pollution.

There are not many places left in the world where you can see red goblins or similar phenomena with the naked eye. “Light pollution is a global problem, even in very remote areas. The communities that live around our observatory have installed lighting, the light of which is directed onto the ground and does not shine into the night sky - this is the only way we can see these very pale objects in the sky. "

A goblin, also known as a sprite, is a special type of lightning that hits a cloud above a cloud cover up to a height of 100 kilometers during a thunderstorm. Red goblins or red sprites are a special goblin shape that can be seen reddish in the sky. Numerous short branches are typical of these lightning bolts. They usually occur at altitudes around 75 kilometers and can be up to 20 kilometers long.

So-called Druden, Elves or in English Elves are another rare phenomenon that often occur together with red goblins. These are ring-shaped lightning bolts with a radius of up to 500 kilometers.

In addition to the red goblins and the druids, there are also so-called blue jets. These are also goblin-class lightning bolts that occur at a height of around 40 kilometers. All three types of lightning are becoming increasingly difficult to observe from Earth as light pollution on Earth increases from year to year. Only from space, for example from the International Space Station, can these particularly rare and spectacular lightning bolts still be observed in full force.

71 gunmen were killed in clashes between Afghan government forces and the Taliban in two areas of Helmand province.

Farmers in Austria, who are in (home) quarantine, are not allowed to go into their barns and to their animals…https://

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