So I've read about Cryptome. My mind is spinning ...

⤺ reposted by @0xYl4Q0 from 武汉市黄陂区养猪场带着口罩继续加工猪瘟肉,投放各大商超。这是嫌死的人不够吗?The pig farm in Huangpi District, Wuhan City continued to process swine fever meat with masks and put them in major supermarkets. Is this enough to kill someone?

So I’ve read about Cryptome. My mind is spinning …
All level 3 and 4 laboratories need to be burned to the ground immediately.
The Haplotype mentioned is specific to 80-90% of Asians.
Surely Xi knows about this? Are you all afraid China will retaliate with another bioweapon? Am I caught up or still missing something?

The content on cryptome is really only evidence of the rumor spreading through China.

It could just as easily be that they released this on themselves.

Or an internal power struggle against Xi

The people will turn on the Black Police and Red Arm Bands

It’s only a matter of time

Why would they do that to themselves?
I originally thought it was an accident. The L4 lab in Wuhan does not have a great safety record from what I’ve read

To stop Xi from serving for life

To stop China 2025

To stop the new Silk Road and Chinese African expansion

To stop the Chinese using Yuans to buy oil from Iran

Which hurts America

Many reasons

These reasons would explain the giggling super spreaders

Backed by a faction

It would also explain the

True… :thinking:

A faction

Ministry of State Security

Sending out a hit team

In broad day light

From eliminating a super spreader cell

China has a history of sacrificing its own people

Very possibly a faction… :thinking:

These guys are MSS officers

Going to take out a Spreader team

In Wuhan

Only 3

2 type 59 automatic rifles

And one Beretta M9

Wearing Body Armor underneath

What you have to ask yourself

Is why would the state allow this

World powers should capture Chinese officials and put them on trial under international piracy laws as enemies of humanity, similar to how Israelis captured and tried Nazis in South America.

When Wuhan has a fully operational SWAT team

And hit teams/sweepers work in 3

SWAT operates in 2 teams, Alpha and a Bravo team. Each team has six men. So like I said this is a internal struggle between the Chinese and BioTerrorist/super spreaders being used by one of them

I need to process all this.
Thank you for sharing.
Goodnight all.

You have a lot of mask DH


How much was it in November of 2019

Not knocking you

Just wondering the global demand

Let me guess you’ve added a third shift?

To keep up with demand

I think I have the video

Of these guys playing


You do…

I don’t want to dig through it, i have

1,428 coronavirus videos lol


Any orders from India?

Or Russia

How many emails are you getting a day

For orders

Sorry if this is intrusive

Just feel that we all want the full picture

Of what’s going on

Thank you DH

Your perspective is very valued in here

Have any info on hazmat suits


I saw the Russians ramping up

How many

We saw them put 2 kids in one body bag

That’s not reassuring

Do the colors mean anything

Yellow vs Black

Won’t quote you

I’m not a journalist

Any recommendations for the Aussies or Americans

Seeking at the moment


If anyone hears of a Non-Asian dying of corona virus please post immediately - this will be key!
So far even in France only Asians died!!!

This would prove gene driven bioweapon in my opinion.