Show him the documentary

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Show him the documentary

Yeah. I had a lady one time ask me about it because she new I was a ham radio guy. I told her some basics about how the FCC decides about spectrum allocation and power output levels. Then she replies “I should maybe ask my husband about this”. I say “OH? what does your husband do for work?”
“He is an RF engineer at Boeing”.


#中共國 【武漢防疫部門內部會議錄音】
有患新冠肺炎病毒🦠的病人 從頭到尾都沒有發熱、發燒!就死了!

中共 国 【Record of the internal meeting of the Wuhan Epidemic Prevention Department】

Patients with new coronal pneumonia virus infection have no fever or fever from beginning to end! It’s dead!
Can’t troubleshoot patients at all! !! !!

Can anyone share trajectory of symptoms of virus? Is there always fever? How can you tell diff between cold etc

They are still saying no confirmed cases on long island but ate monitoring over 100

Wife and I just left Costco. Dropped $1700. Lol.

Nice :+1:

Met two other people there doing the same thing.

I prepared 3 years ago

Not Going out again

5.7 fan?


you have family or a significant other you’re taking care of too?

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What are the things all of you are gathering if we could start a list of lists to make one giant one might be very helpful

Jealous of that maple!!

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