Shoutout to Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for making this techonology possible.


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Shoutout to Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for making this techonology possible.

No for the reason the times is saying though…

Not Neuralink, remember Technology Transfers rule the world. Elon just get’s the crumbs.

To the ones who said yes can you explain why?

:ru::us: Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy, Chief of Main Operations Directorate of General Staff of RF Armed Forces:
— NATO activity has increased near Russian borders… Total duration of NATO’s presence from January to September increased by 33% compared to last year, up to 40% of them are carriers of high-precision long-range weapons. Number of flights of reconnaissance aircraft increased by 40% compared to the same period last year. Since May of this year, US strategic bombers have been operating regularly near Russian borders. Russian fighters climb to intercept this year 20% more often than year earlier. We are alarmed by US actions… Therefore, this year we deliberately moved the main stage of Caucasus-2020 exercises inland. But we place full responsibility on United States…
#USA #Russia

:ru::us: Начальник Главного оперативного управления ГШ ВС РФ генерал-полковник Сергей Рудской:
— Возросла активность НАТО вблизи наших границ… (Поэтому будем бомбить Воронеж, но вся ответственность на США)
#США #Россия

:arrow_up: Brilliant! :upside_down_face: In fact, the Russian general said: “As usual, we’ll bomb Voronezh, but the entire responsibility lies with United States…”

HARD DISCLOSURE AND TRAINING (Notice the similarities between The Expanse and Hardspace Shipbreaker)

connect the dots.

:joy: Lynx Helmet :rescue_worker_helmet: added too.

Natural climate variability is cyclic.
Let’s check out how much global warming is happening. Nope.

Sea ice thickness above average for the last 7 years. Also the earliest turning point (during each year) where we are getting sea ice buildup.

For last year’s Greenland ice melt we had a record gain. 6 gigatons of ice gained (per day) when ice melt (of 4gigatons per day) should have been occuring.
We are set for record ice gains.

Helicopters MH-47G and MH-60M of the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Night Stalkers during the night refueling in the air.

For me, I am going along the lines of, “yes, I would consider.” It would be under certain circumstances though. Say I lost an arm or hand, for instance, I would definitely look to a smart prosthetic. If it opened my car door too, that’s a plus. I would also consider eyesight, or optical screen. There definitely would be things I would consider. My fear though would be if the augmentation could be hacked, and taken out of my control.

I’ve touched the prosthetic

in the Vice video was invited several years ago to John Hopkins

it’s a 50% match to the human arm

it’s not a Terminator arm.

but I’m glad you mentioned if you lost an Arm. You would be up for a prosthetic arm.

at that price tag of half of a million dollars per arm.

Where do you think this Arm might be used?

I could see using it as a normal arm, of course. Beyond that since it is a mechanical arm, it could have strength beyond human capacity. I could also see using the sensors to create a robotic soldier that is controlled like an avatar

hold on I will upload it

Or for space walks, repairs. Underwater repairs. Manual dexterity is a must for working with tools many times.

In plain sight mate

The Truth is in plain sight

Watch The Expanse with fresh eyes :eyes:

Will do. Things are much different when you can see some of the dots you are supposed to connect

:clapper: A trailer for a new two-part HBO documentary “Agents of Chaos” about Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, directed by Alex Gibney, has been released
At the end of video, Putin says: “I’ll tell you by secret - yes, we did it and we’ll be do it!”
#USA #Russia

:clapper: В свет вышел трейлер нового двухсерийного документального фильма от HBO “Агенты Хаоса” о вмешательстве России в президентские выборы в США в 2016 году, снятого режиссером Алексом Гибни.

“Фильм описывает планы России по подрыву демократии, поднимая тревогу для американской общественности, а также доказывая, что эти “агенты хаоса” были не только русскими; они также были ключевыми игроками в Соединенных Штатах, которые через продажность и коррупцию продвигали цели Путина, определяя уязвимую и ничего не подозревающую американскую общественность в качестве своей цели.”
#Россия #США

Is the Stargate show disclosure then as well? :thinking:

About disclosure… check out Snowpiercer on Netflix