Shortage Report 10/19/2020

All of you should have a minimum of 6 months by now, if you’ve been with us since January at least over 1 year and plus ++++ of food stored up. Be selfish!!! Hoarding is a myth!!! The hoarding myth is used so governments can have someone to blame and not acknowledge that rationing must take place due to a break down in the supply chain. If you are under the impression that certain individuals (factions) are not systematically trying to reduce the global population I feel bad for you son!

  1. Food Shortages Hit China: There is 'Not… Enough Fresh Food to Go Around.’

  2. Seller shortage? Bitcoin exchange reserves plunge as BitMEX bleeds BTC.

  3. Bloomberg QuickTake: “Countries are hoarding food as the coronavirus pandemic stokes fears of supply disruption and empty shelves.”

  4. Best for Britain: “Tesco’s chairman John Allan has warned of short-term fresh food shortages for up to “a few months” after the Brexit transition period ends in January.”

  5. With a national shortage of loungewear coming, it’s time to step away from the leggings. ASOS warns of a shortage of hoodies and tracksuits.

  6. Kimchi crisis: Typhoon-hit South Korea suffers cabbage shortage. Cabbage prices have surged an eye-watering 60 percent due to extreme weather, hurting makers of the spicy Korean staple.

  7. Shortage in veggie supply spurs prices in Hyderabad. A severe shortage of vegetable supply in the last few days has spurred the prices northwards in the retail markets across the city.

  8. Eric Simpson: “The Best Buy stores I’ve been to in Maryland look like they’re going out or business. Empty shelves, ordered items today, website said in stock. 3 of 4 is NOT in stock. I’ll order them from Amazon.”

  9. Earl Christy: “Asked a stock worker WalMart today why no Pedigree canned dog food & other area had noticeable sections of empty shelves (Kroger too btw) & he replied they just cannot get deliveries. It use to not be like this, humm…”

  10. Auntie Thesis: “Stock up on food and goods. I’m hoping this won’t happen but prepare as if there’s a natural disaster on the horizon. Remember the empty shelves after Covid hit? ‘Broken Arrow’: Cities and police ready for election violence.”

  11. Jonas Jenssen: “Germany: Photos with the hashtag toilet paper swarmed over the weekend. Shops are said to have empty shelves with toilet paper and canned food, according to the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.”

  12. Want a bicycle by Christmas? 'If you leave it till December there will be no stock.’ Australians are usually able to walk into a store on Christmas eve and walk out wheeling a bike – but that’s certainly not the case this year.

  13. Countries Rush to Hoard Food as Prices Rise and Covid Worsens. Agricultural commodity buyers from Cairo to Islamabad have been on a shopping spree since the Covid-19 pandemic upended supply chains.

  14. Indian steel wire producers facing closure from shortage of raw materials. According to the association, over 100 steel wire producing units in small and medium-scale are operating at less than average 50 percent capacity utilization in the face of an acute shortage of raw materials in the domestic market.

  15. Started with 1 year food for a family of 4 in January, now have 4 years stored and a bugout farm in the mountains. In 6 months the kids have gone from getting their first toy bows and airsoft guns to now using compound bows, crossbows, and great shots with pellet guns. Thanks for all the intel!

  16. Jesse Colombo: “You think I’m weird for storing food and Spam? Pfft - that’s child’s play. Wait until you see the gas masks! People acted like I was a buffoon earlier this year when they found out that I was as prepper (I’ve been a prepper for 12 years, btw). In reality, it’s those who are unprepared in these extremely precarious times who are the true buffoons; they’re playing with fire. In the U.S. alone, more than 100k small businesses have closed in recent months, tens of millions have lost their jobs, and debt has soared by trillions of dollars. There’s rioting and shooting in the streets. If that’s not a sign to prepare, what is? This is common sense. If people want to mock me for being a prepper in these times when our society is being ripped to shreds, go right ahead. I’m not ashamed of my prepping; it’s actually a tremendous source of pride for me.” [I use gas masks for work and I had to buy new filters recently. Prices have at least doubled since last year.]