Shitpost for the lads

Shitpost for the lads

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I can not figure out if this is satire or not, but Good Lord… :woman_facepalming:

You think 2020’s Joker showing around 2021’s Pennywise is bad…? Wait for the revelation that this entire scenario has been brought to you by Jigsaw and the letter F. It’s not just a dark occult culling - as if that wasn’t bad enough. It’s a sick twisted IQ test that will make you WANT to chew your own arm off to get free if you fall prey to it. Right now, we’re teetering on the precipice. And they’re mocking you - just like Jigsaw. Want to know where we’re headed if we don’t stop it? Rewatch the Catherine Austin Fitts interview. Memorize it. Reread 1984 and Brave New World. Read Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron. Then, watch the last two seasons of Fringe. Watch Firefly. And, yes, as disgusting as it is, watch the Saw series. Fuse all of these concepts together, apply the concept of medical tyranny making you physically dependent upon the system to survive, and this is an accurate depiction of where we are headed if this does not stop.

Interesting thread. They try to reconstruct the coup.

They figured out that there was a well trained second group who was looking for something.

I suppose reason are in order for why they had guns and hog ties. Can’t wait to read them

Hard time for London comming

same in France soon

Wait and see

whats going on?

they speak about a new virus

a different virus

France is ok for now

“I’m not hiding my concern”: Véran treats the English variant “almost like a different virus”.


they will impose curfew or lockdown again

with coronacircus 21

Go to some London borough where you die before you see the help coming and tell them coronacircus

i just speak about my country

Atlanta attorney on Trump’s call with Georgia officials resigns from global law firm Fox Rothschild.

If your country is not on the same planet then everything is fine then