She is such a Drama Queen

She is such a Drama Queen

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Or declas for all of their crimes

Remember the Hummingbird Rule

Each KC-135 = 4 to 5 fighter jets

Chinese Popeye

Yes the Chinese have also perfected Weather Control

Lol safeguard lol

White Hats on the move

Grow a pair of balls

Digest all the above :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Seems some fuckery is afoot

No one would be worried about nuke strike if there wasn’t a threat correct? Like i don’t worry about tsunamis because no large water by me

Trump should be thinking very carefully before leaving the power to those authoritarian criminals.

Lol :joy:

I don’t think they are going to risk have him influencing the absolute majority of the people. Because we know biden didn’t get a tenth of the number of the claimed votes.

So any mention of Iran :iran: denying the Vaccines :syringe: have been deleted from Twitter

Did you watch this yet?

Interesting interview

Can anyone verify this as recent? Old?

Not yet just jacked in

Long Live King :crown: Durov (Telegram Founder).