she goes on 4chan? even more in love now πŸ’žπŸ˜

β€Ί reposted by @aerthx from THE BATMAN crews have started erecting props and set dressing around the streets of Chicago.

she goes on 4chan? even more in love now :revolving_hearts::heart_eyes:

Practice it daily

With topics of your interest

-2 days in a row now you could uncover facts, that is actionable intelligence

-The debris could have gone all wrong

-Because it was unpredictable

And if it collided, Doom/Azazel would know what happened when the rest of the world didn’t have a clue of what was going on.

Saved by a few feet

Germany also:

Post Mortem

Get a tape and measure 11 meters

Or 36 feet

With the world so big, 2 defunct satellites (1 nuclear) missed collision by 36 feet. A very narrow miss.

And we live another day.

So is there a mission to capture and contain any debris that might be potentially nuclear?

Interesting. Hopefully there will be now that this has happened.

That was extraordinary yesterday!

I got the point with pharma is trying to make money as always. But why are all nations playing the same script.

Out of curiosity who figured out

What the thought exercise was truly about

Let’s see how the Ukrainians do it

Gaining intel based on information that is missing?

Jesus Christ

Guys come on

Wake up

I even used the Men In Black quote

:ukraine: The cadet who survived the AN-26 crash will continue his studies

Vyacheslav Zolochevsky, the only one of the surviving cadets on board in the plane crash near Chuguevo, decided to continue his studies in the chosen specialty.

β€œI have a rehabilitation period, I will recover. After that, I return to the service, I will catch up with the program. I want to thank everyone who was worried about me, who could come, who could not. I thank the doctors and military personnel who came to me. I also want to say that I honor the memory of the children, ”said the student.

This morning Zolochevsky was awarded the medal β€œFor military service to Ukraine”. According to the press service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the young man will also receive monetary compensation, its amount was not disclosed.

It was to see if we could pick out the intel from an obscure article to obtain actionable knowledge

:arrow_up: Now what’s wrong with this picture

We were saying this the day the plane crashed. Same thing.

What’s wrong with this picture

Not harmed.

This is the sole survivor of the AN-26 crash