SF most likely has declared a state of emergency to trigger funds to prepare

⤺ reposted by @perrichase from In Iran selling of disinfectant has been banned, they are now making it themselves to give it to people who need it 😷👍🙏🏻❤️ for free

SF most likely has declared a state of emergency to trigger funds to prepare

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Do you guys wanna come back to the states?

Or just going to rough it out

We’re not from there, we had already planned to move back to Canada in June

I am supposed to visit in April to get the house. :confused:

So will wait and see after the 14 day quarantine and next month if more travel restrictions are coming

Keep us posted

Aries, remember that chat where this guy talks about Brazil being hit and then it will be an epidemic? Where is it?

Brb celebrating a Birthday :birthday: :tada: :tiger:

I did. Thank you


#中共國 安徽,疫情期間商場關門,吳某偷偷潛入商場,在商場內「安家了」白吃白喝十多天。最終,吳某還是被發現了

中共 国 Anhui, the mall was closed during the epidemic, Wu sneaked into the mall, and “settled” in the mall for more than ten days. In the end, Wu was found.

Police of Changling Road Police Station, Tongling City
He was caught in the mall, and the police initially estimated that the value of the stolen items was about 2,000 yuan.

This guy hid in a mall :arrow_up:

Smart guy

Let’s take over a Costco with the Mormons!!!

Dana B you guys in

Yay az gabg

:slight_smile: we must show you the way


On February 24, the fire between Xianning, Hubei and Hunan’s Yueyang Mountains began to burn for two days and two nights. Unable to extinguish.

:large_blue_circle: 自己亲身测试,20多天没带口罩,天天接触病人,也未被传染

[Sadness under the epidemic] A doctor in Wuhan has cured 15 patients and found prevention methods!
测试 Tested by myself, without wearing a mask for more than 20 days, contacting patients every day and not being infected
He ran to various local hospitals and local governments, begging them to try his method. No one cares! Finally ask for help from the media!
His indifference and ruthlessness towards the leaders of the hospitals and the government almost collapsed!

Food is rotting away due to mandatory Quarantine.

@drunkenwhiskers you up

Hi @LauraBKK, I’m from Montreal. Hope you are safe over there.

We’re fine thanks. :pray: No illness, so we’ll stay in and make sure no contact


Great to hear!


[People’s Livelihood] How long can Wuhan citizens support such dishes? Should vegetable supply be monopolized?

I’m like several thousand messages behind. Have you uploaded part 3 of the series, Aries?

I’ve only been checking out /cvg/

No not yet

Hmmm Highjackers start appearing

#中共國 武漢市東湖高新區左嶺新城,捐贈物資被有權人攔截,明目張膽地往自己車上裝物資。(據說司機被打了)說現在完全是無政府狀態,也不對。由強盜建立起來的政權,什麼時候擔負過政府的責任?政府唯一做的就是收税,民脂民膏,取之於民,用之於官。

中共 国 In Zuoling New Town, Donghu High-tech Zone, Wuhan, the donated materials were intercepted by the right holders and they boldly loaded materials into their cars. (It is said that the driver was beaten.) It is wrong to say that it is completely anarchy now. When did the regime established by robbers bear the responsibility of the government? The only thing the government has to do is collect taxes, collect fat from the people, take it from the people, and use it for officials.

The corona virus continues to spread: Now it is heard in North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg! On Tuesday evening, a 25-year-old from the district of Göppingen became infected with SARS-CoV-2 contracts. The last Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Health. According to BILD information, another man (47) in North Rhine-Westphalia fell ill. He is in mortal danger!

Mann (47) from NRW tested positive According to BILD information, there is now the first confirmed Corona case in North Rhine-Westphalia too! A couple from the Heinsberg district came to the hospital with suspected corona. The man (47) tested positive and should be treated at the University Clinic in Düsseldorf. The woman (46) was initially tested negative, but has symptoms. It is still considered a suspected case. Both spouses are said to have gone to the Hermann Josef Hospital in Erkelenz on Monday evening. According to BILD information, an acquaintance (47) of the couple is also suspected of being corona. He comes from Geilenkirchen (NRW). According to the Aachener Zeitung, district administrator Stephan Pusch said that the sick man should have had contact with a friend who had been in China recently on business. ► In addition, there was another alarm on Tuesday afternoon at 1:12 p.m. due to suspected corona at Düsseldorf Airport. No further details are known.