Seriously come to Mars

Seriously come to Mars

⤺ reposted by @lohtse from @disclosetv The most shocking part of this is that @LindseyGrahamSC uses a flip phone. What year is this?

do I have too eat potatoes?

Leave the bullshit behind, learn skills, and get your ass to Mars

Go through the Green Door

It’s not a sausage fest anymore

Yes :+1:

damn it lol

Food for thought

Let’s revisit this link

Member is sharing this post:

  1. https://m. Shows the link is been shared from mobile
  2. Go to Facebook and type on the search 2558191507807257 (embedded in the link)
  3. Result, an IT from Iraq

My advice, do not share anything from Facebook via URL, take screenshots, but hey everyone is free to do as they seem fit, but don’t complain if you get doxxed in the future. Songs of witch hunts are getting loud.

@admin please delete this post if it violates any opsec rule.

Important :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Cut the fat, (Trim your Fucking Links) it’s that easy to Doxx you

How can I get to Mars?

Finally. Waited for such a good summary by you.

Use search we’ve done that class so many times

Abuelita Blankets In Space for the Win @Old_Jo

New Rule, Shorten links from Social Media sites, you can and will get doxxed of you don’t A119 just showed you how easy it is

If you get selected to be a NTO, you get a weight allowance, of things you can bring. I wonder how many of the Latin American NTO’s bring Abuelita blankets onto a frigate. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Usually the story is the bigger the ship

The more of a weight allowance you are given

The smaller the ship

The less of an allowance

Markets closed. Let the fun begin

MAssive purge of Twitter accounts ongoing right now @AriesAzazel

General Flynn, Loads of High ranking Q ones too

Both these accounts gone, A “praying medic” also?

Sidney Powell also


Welcome our new big tech overloads…