Series of buildings spotted near #Lhasa in #Tibet / #China. Surrounded by earth mounds (with small entrance) and re…

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Fuckers. I bet HH Dalai Lama is in a challenging position.

:skull_and_crossbones::zipper_mouth_face::sweat: Bad news. In China, Dongxing Logistics station in Henan’s Luohe city, more than 4,000 dead dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets were found dead and unattended for a week. The driver of the logistics company simply threw out the load when the receiver refused to accept animals(
Rescuers managed to save over 1,000 rabbits, hamsters, dogs and cats.

:skull_and_crossbones::zipper_mouth_face::sweat: Bad news. В Китае,Логистическая станция Дунсин в городе Луохэ провинции Хэнань, обнаружили более 4000 мертвых песелей, котиков, кроликов и других домашних животных, которые неделю пробыли без присмотра. Водитель логистической компании просто выбросил груз, когда у него отказались принять животных (
Спасателям удалось спасти более 1000 кроликов,

In the Chinese city of Chengdu, one of the shopping centers has a huge panel that creates 3D effects :roll_eyes:. В китайском городе Чэнду на одном из торговых центров появилась огромная панель, которая создаёт эффекты 3D :roll_eyes:

About 100k people (according to protesters) came to a rally in Minsk today. A column of many thousands marched through the central streets of Minsk, demanding the release of political prisoners. Tens of thousands more are protesting in the regions.

Water cannons and security forces have already started a confrontation.

:ukraine: Ukraine Online

Сегодня в Минске вышли около 100 тысяч человек (по словам протестующих) на митинг

Многотысячная колонна прошла по центральным улицам Минска, требуя освобождения политических заключенных. Еще десятки тысяч протестуют в регионах.

Водометы и силовики уже начали противостояние.

Azerbaijan released this bizarre army music video. Азербайджан выпустил этот причудливый армейский клип.

POTUS drives by the press and supporters outside Walter Reed hospital.

Spotify CEO: “Are you sure this will get us more subscribers to our music app?”

State Inclusion Officer: “…Music app?”

The Wokies who want to censor Joe Rogan :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Also I’m not being transphobic, I’m just against censorship.

Also I’m not being transphobic, I’m just against censorship.

Math is racist!!!

READ THIS WOKE BULLSHIT :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

The insanity continues to spread, Look at how many pages of replies roasting these fucks.

I just watched yesterday’s dark horse podcast, they talked about this. They do an excellent job talking about the difference between language to describe something (intrinsic bias) vs the thing your describing (objective truth)

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Hey Spotify, why don’t you focus on paying artists royalties for their intellectual property rights? If there’s anything leftover after paying the light bills, then maybe you can fund the granting of your employees cosmetic wishes. K thanks.

Signed - Artists Everywhere

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