Semi truck oil spill completely shuts down traffic on the main artery through Washington.

Semi truck oil spill completely shuts down traffic on the main artery through Washington. Of all the 48 contiguous U.S. states, Washington is the one people will have the hardest time fleeing due to geographic terrain which inhibits mass traffic in or out (everywhere you go you are surrounded and cut off by bodies of water or mountain ranges), poor and failing infrastructure, and too few roads, passes, interstates, highways or ferries in and out of the larger cities metropolitan areas. When SHTF in Washington, if you can’t get out quick, you’re going to have to shelter in place, at least until after the masses have fled or hunkered down.

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And don’t think China isn’t aware of this. :grimacing:

or anyone else


Seems intentional

There tired of being in our shadow and want to split the spoils.

They’re above the 45th parallel. Which is the same assessment I had about Russia. During a GSM, no one above the 45 will be able to grow food.

Wow, very interesting observation. :dart:

The second they brought tanks down to Belarus, this was my thought. When you check a map to see who’s above the 45, sure enough.


Indeed timing is everything

Also, we’ve been infiltrated top to bottom by CCP in business since HR 4444.

Notice all of the EOs that were issued involving China are about extricating them from our grid, protecting us from spying, etc.

And now you see companies with CCP money acting on the CCP’s behalf, censoring citizens and journalists.

All of the academic espionage arrests

And don’t forget the lab in Winnipeg was involved with Wuhan too

It’s obvious

Trudeau is Red

Not just - at this point, it’s flagrantly ballsy.


All the Globalist are Red

They are playing their last hand

Against the Blue/Gold/Green Wizards

Agreed I believe that as a country we are alot worse off than most understand. Having been boots on ground when a country (iraq) government collapsed it was total bedlam.

The Obama/Trudeau bromance made it obvious about Trudeau years ago. Plus, look at who he surrounds himself with. He hasn’t exactly hidden it. But now it’s really in plain sight.