Seems like the world is fortifying against him.

Seems like the world is fortifying against him.


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Read the book “Return of the Strong Gods” by R. R. Reno to put Soros and neoliberalism in proper context, along with the understanding that Antifa is the paramilitary wing of neoliberalist parties.

Occam’s razor. It’s not Soros smoking cigars with the illuminati or something silly. It’s just self interest.

Anyways, good book.

When Draft?

Watch Eyes Wide Shut again, then tell me who they are alluding to throwing that party.

Ooh havent seen that one in a long time, but in hindsight I’d assume a Podesta/Epstein reference?

Fidelio :wink:

Just watch the movie again

Is all I’m saying

Also when Draft, Alex?

I don’t see that as likely. I could be wrong.

I’m curious what happens to veterans if a draft occurs?

Tl;dr, crypto

Prob all of IRR gets reactivated. Only happened a couple times since we went to an all volunteer force. One was the height of the Iraq War and the surge, and the other was Desert Storm. Which speaking of Desert Storm

Do the math. What did we have in 1991 that we don’t have now

Drones etc

2nd Armored Div
3rd Armored Div

More toys

2CR and 3CR were 2ACR and 3ACR and were the tank/armor equivalent to what the 75th Ranger REGT is to light infantry. Now they’re just Strykers

We are keeping our eyes on the Chinese channels seeing if more talk of mobilizations appears

Things should be interesting after National Day

China info is based heavily on rumors, when the media gets a hold of it there will be panic from one side and deniers from the other side.

The actionable intelligence is to restock before full panic sets in.

Right now US has 2 heavy armor divisions. 1st Cav at Ft. Hood and 1st Armored at Ft. Bliss

We’re rusty at conventional war. VERY dialed in to COIN

Why did 3rd Infantry Div out of Ft. Stewart reform one of their light infantry brigades into an armor brigade?

In a new war, you’ll need to fight your way in first.

Hopefully it doesn’t get to that and this is just a preparedness check

But. That’s a black swan scenario

More concerning is domestic trouble and I encourage re-reading of FM 3-24 which is unclass and free to download