Secret Beijing on Twitter

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This is not corona

Trump is requesting 2.5 billion for covid

He states at about the 7 min mark that his parents have all symptoms yet NO FEVER yet test positive. The 1 thing they have based checking everyone on and his parents have no fever. This is extremely worrisome.

It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.

Seems like Italians are now spreading this all over the globe. It’s now in South America

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Celebrating Italy’s epicenter tonight

Folks, the infected rate has to be higher that 80,000. Why ? Start asking questions. Ask them how many test kits do they have? Ask them how accurate those test kits are ? How many people are waiting for help and to be tested ? If it wasn’t serious I don’t think a country with 1.3 Billion people hospital system could get over whelmed by 80,000 people getting sick. Think about it.

It’s in the millions


That’s the sad truth