Search for "genotypes"


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Search for “genotypes”

You know who plays games. The a Global press, the WHO, the government and the CDC

The guy on it seemed sincere and had a lot of knowledge. I am not 100% convinced the cdc came back to them with positive test results. It sounds like they are actively screening the pop up but have not taken any steps to deal with the crisis.

project 1000 genotypes? Really interesting research

That might be bc they have not yet gotten a positive infection result back from those tested.

At least we can hope!

They play games with our lives

Just wait for the bullshit phony surge

In the states

Just like the Chinese

These past 3 days

When do expect that?

Literally go to Costco

Do not wait

Don’t wait for me to post videos of dead Americans

Oh that’s right I can’t

We always hope, but prepare. It’s still going to take a foothold here in United States

Because they made it impossible for you to find the videos on Instagram now

And other outlets

All to prop up the Petrodollar

And keep Wall Street Happy

Fact :100:

Keep the engine going and the S&P 500 in good standing

You have Apple begging the Chinese to let Foxconn reopen

Yet the stock still went up :chart_with_upwards_trend:

But like I said

Our lives do not matter

To the ones on top


Search the PDF I uploaded for the word “genotypes” and read… This is from 20 years ago.

I know

Funny thing about that Hideo Kojima also read it 20 years ago and that’s how he came up with Foxdie :fox_face: :skull:virus

And put it in the Mgs series

Interesting, didn’t know that.

It’s known as Soft Disclosure

I’ll teach you guys about that system one day