says bioweapon from china

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lol :joy: bull

just that shape

says bioweapon from china

Riots in prisons in several Italian cities after the suspension of visits due to # coronavirus (Modena (video), Naples, Salerno and Frosinone). Situation: One kidnapped policeman, several injured. # COVID19

COVID19italia. It is said that there was an infected prisoner and others protested demanding the release as was done by Iran to avoid mass contagion. Have you ever imagined Brazil freeing its prisoners because of the virus?

An Iranian citizen documents the scale of the catastrophe he witnessed at Rouhani Hospital in Babel, saying: "People fall here and die before my eyes. I am in a bad situation with these disastrous scenes. Iranian television is lying to us. What is happening on the ground is completely different from what appears on Iranian TV, what is happening here is a catastrophe. "

Whole world has lost its mind :arrow_up::arrow_up:

Another suicide due to Quarantine in China

It is believed that Italian embassy in China is planing to buy over 100 millions of masks and other medical supplies

I think it is HKD

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this was not suicide, the person was already dead and was thrown out of the window. I think it was in Hong Kong. I’ll check again if I find something about it. I saw it a lot on twitter

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