Saw that in brklyn yest.

⤺ reposted by @wayjosh from 🇮🇷 Fatemeh Rahbar, a conservative politician and a newly elected lawmaker, is in a coma after being infected with coronavirus.

Saw that in brklyn yest.

Police officers with no mask


Bystanders with no mask

Saw this and thats why i am lile nope time to go no ine is prepared and will spread 100 times faster

Exactly. If it’s airborne

Doctor Bess confirmed it

She’s a NYC ER Doctor

This was not a Instagrammer

Well yeah seems its been time to go,

Doing it for clout

Didnt think it was lol xo

Many are in denial

How many nycers r going to leave or self quarantine soon? Or have

And used that as an excuse

I left 6 months ago

U think they’ll shut NYC down?

I noticed, which is also very disturbing

That’s not the problem

Damn lol of corse u did always 5 steps ahead babe

It’s the community spread

NYC has 2 major airport

Hand sanitizer sold out everywhere in town