SARS was early 2003.

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SARS was early 2003.

#Spain 1006 infected and 25 deaths

According to this chemist, soap is soap. Point is: use it.

Why correlate with US election year. Every 2 years had an outbreak but none as big as this

Anyone else buying stocks instead of shorting?

If anything goes down I hope I’m wearing Levi’s. :signal_strength:


What does it say of they infection rate, when 10 people are apart of a group that went to italy and have now returned. Of the 10, 5 have so far tested positive plus two spouses. So thats 7 in total. This in a period from 1 march to 9 march. This is in South Africa


i assumed this may be case

They are still referring to Aerosol, it seems

Aries any reports about turkey?

appreciate the security guard who thinks a disposable mask will save him

Entire Stock Market Halted!

This was written Feb 10th

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