Rumors of King Salman passing away are frequent. Haven't seen anything official at this time but I'll keep an eye o…

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Turk did the King die???

Hmm :thinking:

fucking hilarious

Feds are pretty pretty good


Academia is getting retarded again

Like really retarded

It’s Woke Professors like this, at Princeton and Columbia getting the Institution in trouble.

:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:This shit really happens at Ivy League schools

This is how the Anti-Meritocracy circle :o: of life continues and kids get indoctrinated by this rhetoric Freshmen year.

No wonder you have vegans branding themselves for Instagram to make a statement on Animal Cruelty. As well as essays telling Lesbians to give trans cock a chance and if you don’t you are transphobic.

This is a god damn cult

These professors/students are too retarded to achieve critical thinking :thinking: and not worthy of going through the Green Door.

I still feel like they are into some weird bdsm stuff and like other people watching them

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What movie is this from? So spot on in real life.

Same thing everywhere. It’s so sad. And it already was pretty bad before.

No green door for the woke :woman_facepalming::man_facepalming::alien:

How High with Method Man and Redman

Well, helo needed an overhaul after. Transmission has gone…

İf you mean this, there is a death rumor for like every two weeks