Rumor: US intelligence community say the death toll in China is over 100k 且当谣言听听:美国情报界认为中国死于 #武汉肺炎 的已过10万。#COVID2019 #Coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #coronaviruschina #武漢肺炎 #新冠肺炎 #新冠病毒

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美國對 華為啓動RICO 法案(《有組織犯罪控制法案》)!# 国际 :fire:Super heavy! :fire:

US launches RICO Act against Huawei (Organized Crime Control Act)!

在 Gordon 巧遇老友,一起喝了咖啡聊天,惊闻悉尼确认的第一例冠状病毒感染者是他朋友,和他有直接接触(后来自我隔离了两周),本周去医院探望送饭,据说恢复不错,痰里还有病毒所以医院不放人,要证明用痰液培养不出病毒才会放人,毕竟医务人员承担不起因疏忽导致大规模传播的责任。


目前全澳有15例冠状病毒确诊病例,5例已经出院,其余人士均处于稳定状态。朋友今天特地打电话来告知,之前提到悉尼第一例那位三天前已出院。并讨论了新加坡总理李显龙的讲话,以及狮城针对冠状病毒的策略,认识他十几年了,从没觉得他像现在这样对政治敏感 :wink:


Westmead 医院负责治疗冠状病毒感染的医生说他们有 Remdesivir 瑞德西韦,不是不给他用,而是副作用太大(第三期临床试验还没做,更准确的说法应该是没有统计数据支撑,副作用不明确)。医生认为他的症状和流感没区别,秉承严谨的原则,不能乱用药。至于瑞德西韦到底有没有用,要等四月底才会有结果。
出国的都是病毒还没有变异,都不严重。肺部也没有玻璃体。在中国的已经进化到4代了。I met an old friend in Gordon and drank coffee together. I was surprised that the first coronavirus confirmed by Sydney was his friend and had direct contact with him (later quarantined for two weeks). He went to the hospital this week to deliver food. It is said that the recovery is good, and there is a virus in the sputum. Therefore, the hospital will not release the person. It must be proved that the virus can not be released if the sputum is not used to cultivate the virus.

The case of death in the Philippines was also from Wuhan, and the person diagnosed in Sydney was not only known but also a classmate. The two had travel history in Wuhan between December last year and January this year. The Sydney one should often run on both ends. In addition, when the case was diagnosed at home in Sydney, the wife and two children (resident in Sydney) also had fever and other symptoms, but were not infected with coronavirus. My friends guessed that it was related to the difference in individual immunity.

There are currently 15 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia, 5 have been discharged, and the rest are in a stable state. A friend called today to inform him that the first case in Sydney mentioned earlier had been discharged three days ago. And discussed the speech of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Lion City’s strategy against Coronavirus. He has known him for more than ten years and never felt that he was politically sensitive like he is now :wink:

Share the process and treatment of the first confirmed coronavirus infected person in Sydney. Second-hand news (the person personally sent it to the middleman and forwarded it to me): the first week of continuous fever, eating paracetamol, then a bit of bacterial infection, eating A few days of amoxicillin, oxygen. A needle was also given to prevent clogging of the veins, very few, one injection per day, and no other medicine was used. The next article talks about Australian doctors’ views on Redecive.

The doctor responsible for treating Coronavirus infection at Westmead Hospital said that they have Remdesivir, not because it is not given to him, but because the side effects are too large. Side effects are unclear). Doctors believe that his symptoms are not different from the flu, and he adheres to strict principles and can not take medicine indiscriminately. As for the usefulness of Red Desieve, it will not be until the end of April.
The viruses that went abroad were not mutated and not serious. There is no vitreous in the lungs. It has evolved to 4 generations in China.

Ok so GNEWS put this out might be a little out there towards the left

But what’s important is the ending credit on the crematoriums

所以現在看起來就像中國的辦公室工作日。 好吧,進入辦公室通常是一個單獨的任務 It looks like an office weekday in China. Well, entering the office is usually a separate task


下一个伟光正的场景,还等他们去捏造呢!The propaganda team seems to be filming, showing that local medical supplies are sufficient
As a result, the medical supplies were removed after the film was shot ~

People, can you remember the props of the party crew?
The next great scene is waiting for them to fabricate it!

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I don’t get the Holocaust connection but okay

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