Rudy Gobert Is Questionable (Illness) Tonight Two Days After Joking About Coronavirus By Touching Every Microphone, Recorder And Reporter In The Media Room

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Wow that’s terrible

Aussie stock exchange has dropped 7% just in lunch trading today

It’s only lunchtime

@lolygagv2 you have some competition

Kenny your not crazy my brother

Singapore :singapore: prices

Singapore :singapore: prices

Singapore OTC for Lysol and Sanitizers is insane

Seriously Singapore does not play in OTC hand sanitizers and mask @Rewkang @s0ftmachine

Interesting rabbit hole



Italian Minister of Welfare: China has lied to us. The disease is spreading at an extraordinary rate, much faster than the data China has given us. The data given to us by China are false. Every day we add 200 critically ill patients, and every day we need to add more than 200 beds.

Italy has become a small Wuhan and the medical system has collapsed. :scream::scream:

Now it’s too late to blame China. Disaster happened already.

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For example, Europe and the United States overwhelm people with brainwashing and wearing masks, and this is the process of brainwashing. I admit that ① washing your hands is a good habit, because your hands will often touch your mouth, nose, and eyes unconsciously. ② Masks need to be worn properly. Incorrect wearing, not timely replacement, and contact with contaminated masks will cause infection. ③ Ordinary people should not hoard in large quantities, and medical personnel should be given priority. ④ Some masks have only 30% -40% blocking effect. But it doesn’t mean useless!

Taiwan has done a very good job with masks. It has banned the export of masks early and early, and has increased the supply of masks for production protection. Everyone who wears a mask with a health insurance card has never fooled the WHO, a corrupt organization. Wuhan pneumonia presented a very good report card. On the contrary, the speed and results of infection in Europe and Italy without masks are also seen. :frog::frog::frog:


Ye, Taiwan is doing great. I think Taiwan is not even an member of WHO. correct me if I m wrong.

Google 1 China 2 System

So messed up

Ye, I totally understand this 2 systems shit. coz I m Chinese mainlander.:new_moon_with_face:

Brb Hamster Wheel time (treadmil)

Ahh nice happy to have you

Feb 7th NYC

China and WHO are both liars on this covid19.

never too late to blame them for lying about it (exporting it to the world)