Royal Navy deployed laser weapons during the Falklands War

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I definitely remember hearing a lot about the capability of the arginine air force and their pilots. Interesting to look at this with fresh eyes

Ever ask yourself why the Argentinians were able to match the United States Dollar

In the 90s

1 to 1

There is a lot you all need to know on how the real world works that could fill volumes

It will take decades for this secret to be revealed

“On this occasion the hubris was embodied in the government of Carlos Menem. Although from a Peronist background, Menem edged away from economic isolationism, deciding there was one useful thing Argentina could import from America: credibility. He linked the Argentine peso irrevocably, or so the intention was, to the US dollar. This was a high-risk course. Argentina had got used to printing as much domestic currency as it liked. It now had to earn dollars with an economy that had forgotten how to export. It also required public spending to be controlled. It required, in fact, Argentina to stop acting like Argentina.”